Small business small Hand Pulled Noodle Museum monthly net profit of 7000 yuan

everyone wants to get rich, are looking for a way to get rich. There is a small cost of entrepreneurial projects, the monthly income can be relaxed on the yuan, to the airport highway on the outskirts of Ningbo Lianfeng overpass, one from Ningxia to the package to open master Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles museum. Nearly 40 square meters of the shop, bright and clean. As a result of all-weather operation, by the nearby migrant workers and the surrounding public welcome.

the author and bakers talk after that, the general store monthly turnover of more than 7000 yuan. Remove the rent of 1000 yuan, 300 yuan of utilities, the baker and his relatives of 7 people, a year down from Ningbo to earn nearly 50 thousand yuan of net profit. Although it is not worth mentioning compared with big business in the Ningbo gold rush, but from poor areas they bakers have been very satisfied. Speaking of the business of the store, the honest man made no secret, he said the main factors due to the following 4 aspects:

good policy environment

is important to the integrity of business

in return, but also to find authentic, bakers insist on purchasing from thousands of miles away in Ningxia checked back with refrigerated trucks of beef. As a result, although the cost of beef a little higher, but the taste is high, less pollution, but also to create a good reputation in the diners. Because the store face full weight, clearly, in each local health and epidemic prevention, measurement, quality and other departments of the sampling, and qualified, known as all aspects of trustworthy business model.

Due to the preparation of



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