Biography of Huang Taiji B round of financing is not in place on the verge of collapse the founder

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technology news February 3rd morning news, the media today issued a document called O2O takeaway brand Huang Taiji B round of financing is not in place, on the verge of collapse. In this regard, Huang Taiji founder, he Chang said that the news is rumors, B round of financing has been credited to the full amount.

second, Huang Taiji venture three years, with the continuous innovation to explore feasible way to optimize the cost structure in the catering industry under the tide of mobile Internet, from the beginning of Huang Taiji pancake fruit single product to Huang Taiji carry out the open sharing platform, every step of the pioneers, resolutely quick self innovation, up to now, Huang Taiji is more than 60% of the income from the takeaway business. In this process, Huang Taiji got many Internet heavyweights, Xu Xiaoping, Li Mingyuan, Li Shanyou, Li Xueling, Wang Feng, Shen Ya early investment, also has been the capital share, net investment while reaching 360 million yuan, the total financing history, in the food and beverage industry to create the most amount of financing.

for today’s financing failure, the brink of bankruptcy rumors, Sina Technology is also the first time to contact the founder of Huang Taiji, he Chang, the other side’s response is:

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third, Huang Taiji maintained a 485% annual sales growth rate for three consecutive years, the company employees from 15 to 1500, and the first in the industry completed from mining sales, production, sales, research and development and distribution of the data integration platform, APP iOS version of Huang Taiji takeaway has also been on the line, Android launched in the Spring Festival then, we provide the best user experience and takeaway industry development level.

last October 9th, Huang Taiji announced the news of the B round of financing. However, at that time did not release all foreign investors, only said: "the current round of investment by the spectacular wanglian, family fund investors, Mr. Chen Kunliang, Mr. Wu Zhuomin led, part of the A round investors with investment, capital investment as the exclusive financial advisor to the investment bank financing."

He Chang in the circle of friends said, B round of financing in October 21, 2015 and all arrival, FA hit group, each round of financing needs of all shareholders signed by shareholders share capital fund, including Xu Xiaoping, Li Mingyuan, Cheng Jing, Li Shanyou, Wang Feng, Li Xueling, Shen Ya etc..

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first, Huang Taiji’s B round of financing in October 21, 2015 all arrived, the company is also carrying out the new three board listing of the share reform work, the sponsor broker is CITIC Jian jian. B round of financing, FA is shot group, the project leader is voted group director Li Jing.

      1. Budget mechanism

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, B round of financing, Huang Taiji was the official said: "the capital supplement, Huang Taiji hope in the center of production and the capacity of two pieces of infrastructure investment, at the same time, Huang Taiji formally to the traditional food and beverage brands, innovative catering brand invitation, we share our infrastructure, expand common boutique take out the cake trillion."

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