Pregnant women skin care brand list of the top ten

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is in a special period, in the choice of skin care products need to be more cautious, which gives pregnant women skin care market has brought more cautious. Expectant mothers, for the sake of the health of the unborn fetus, and even skin care products have to choose the best. However, by the authority of the pregnant women’s skin care products released by the top ten brands are every pregnant mother trustworthy list.

with the whole society consumption level rise, people are willing to buy the best in all aspects of basic necessities of life, especially for mothers during pregnancy, the fetus health, even skin care products also have to choose the best. However, by the authority of the ten largest number of pregnant women skin care products are worthy of the trust of every pregnant mother list. Following the pregnancy skin care brand leading to run as an example, to introduce you to occupy the top ten brands of skin care products for pregnant women:

pregnant women skin care products ten brands list NO.1: Pro run MOM FACE

as the Chinese market’s first pregnancy skin care brand, pro run has experienced 9 years of development, has become the industry leader. It is understood that the lubicating’s milk, rice and other products by the blitz. From the mother and child category ranking Tmall learned that the pro run products for 31 consecutive months, leading the entire network sales, and even hit a record breaking performance of the highest single day of 15 million. The voice of lubicating pregnant skincare in the top ten list in the selection is quite high, because of the support and love lubicating products have higher safety and well received by fans group, has become the brand of choice for pregnant mother lubicating skin.

pregnant women skin care products ten brands list NO.2: the United States Palmer’s Ya Er

this is one of the world’s first dedicated to the production of skin care products. Cocoa butter in the product is a kind of natural extract from cocoa beans, which can effectively smooth the skin, remove the stain during pregnancy and pregnant women, eliminate stretch marks. All products are collected from natural organic olive oil, shea butter, VE (SHEA) as raw materials and refined, its efficacy and safety have been verified and used in the United States Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of dermatology clinic of 160 years. In particular, in order to resist stretch marks, wrinkles, postpartum slimming and natural organic olive oil products known. In the United States, skin care products for pregnant women list in no less Palmer s pregnancy products.

pregnant women skin care products ten brands list NO.3: United States Cutemami

is a sweetheart mummy by maternal safety for skin care of famous American natural organic maternity care research center of research and development, YISHION plant extract as the main component, without adding harmful chemicals, effectively improve skin condition in pregnant women foundation to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus.


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