How does a seemingly stupid startup do so successfully

now venture, has become a topic of concern in many people, and many people are in action. Product  Hunt founder Ryan  Hoover published a commentary on the success of startups on the famous website The article believes that the success of the start-up model varies, not rigidly adhere to the previous path. The following is the main content of the article:

Twitter is chaotic. In the early days of skepticism, Twitter asked, "what is the problem with it?" even the founders of Twitter can’t describe it well, let alone predict its future.

Twitter founder and CEO Ev , Williams has said: it is not clear what exactly is Twitter. People call it a social network, some people call it micro-blog, but it is difficult to define, because it does not replace anything. For things like Twitter, as time goes on, you will figure out what it is." />

Gummy is a mobile app that lets users create a digital card called "Gummies" that can be passed on to a nearby friend. Gummy uses GPS and Bluetooth technology, only when the user and his friends meet in the real world, it will pass the Gummies.


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