Various types of websites to make money model analysis of how a movie station earned thousands of mo

of course, there is selling IP traffic, of course, don’t sell those horse garbage. Don’t waste your money for a little money.

1, we should have a clear goal, to build a long-term development of the formal


a five thousand IP movie station, one hundred yuan a day, three thousand yuan a month is very good to earn, this is much better than work, ha ha ~

I, ha ha!

on the site to make money, the first thing to do is to determine their own goals, that is to say, you do stand, site type, site profitable model, determined, and then began to work in the next step, there are a lot of friends is easy to make a mistake, did not determine their own goals, start do stand, do not back, not to earn money, began to change ah Oh, results, a few months, one year, income is very sad. I think this kind of stationmaster should not be in a few.. A good beginning is half done.

here, we will understand the basic mode of making money station, of course, all the principles of the site are the same, to make money is to build on the flow of ~!

finally say something about my experience:

is the daughter of a friend to participate in the fine arts college entrance examination, he asked me to help him check the art college entrance examination related information, check several websites, their interface at first very messy, sudden inspiration came up, why don’t you do a fine arts college entrance examination site, then immediately query the domain name, the domain name is good others registered, the rest of the domain name is not very good in mind. So I thought it would buy a website, query and related art college entrance examination, some websites are not updated for a long time, I called and asked if he still has no intention of selling the domain name website, this friend, just no time to take care of, after some bargaining buckle, 300 yuan to buy this domain name, give you a bright Oh, China art college entrance examination, feel good, MS is the abbreviation of art, 456 relatively easy to remember. Next is the construction site, release content, this I do not say more, friends will.


determines good goals, and the next step is of course making websites. For example, you’re going to be a movie station, such as This station is very obvious, the purpose is to grab traffic, this station model to make money is very simple, such as advertising alliance, pop, friends, generally speaking, if a movie station, traffic to about five thousand, then you simply rely on these ads hundreds of yuan is also very easy. Of course, here we have to do a very good optimization of advertising. How to arrange advertising, but also the need for technology, the same IP station, people earn one hundred and ten days, you can only earn twenty-one days, that is, you have a problem. we can look at the advertising layout of this page, put five advertising positions, of course, because I am a new station, so did not optimize the site advertising. Everybody looks at the advertisement position of website advertisement put. In short, a principle — try to make your Internet users "accidentally wrong", "point to your ad". Ha ha, he is wrong, never mind, he is not wrong, how do we make money, right?

! ?

access to the Internet for a long time, do not stand too long, the 2008 began to do a website, want to do what the website at that time, a friend suggested that do traffic to the site, have a flow of money, non mainstream, space the two flow is very large so the website keywords, set up a website that system is used in dedecms, the site was built after, and then publish content, website content was good, someone will come, don’t know to promotion and publicity. The effect of the first few months as can be imagined, the popularity of small, slowly lost confidence, content to add, then no matter altogether, the emerge of itself and perish of itself. Eventually, the two stations died, and later they did not want to do any more.

as the title shows, the goal of friends who work in the field of the web is to make money, those who say it is for love, for the sake of ideal, for the sake of making money…. My friend, please make a detour.

in February this year, and chat with friends in , his website ranking is very good, he made some SEO knowledge to me, know this, we need a lot of skills and methods of themselves through SEO, learned a lot about website promotion and optimization of knowledge, is aware of a website success is not casual, hard work and effort. So determined to do a web site, this decision not to flow this kind of website, to do a regular web site. What kind of website is it? I haven’t decided for a week.

in short, do movie station, is to do rankings, sell traffic,. Of course, if you’re a SEO expert, you can sell your website a month and how much you can sell

I write this "soft Wen" purpose, first, in order to promote their own station, and the two is to communicate by web site earned way and method. Go to the point, first of all, I am not a master of the SEO world, just a SEO enthusiasts, I share things with you is very simple.

this time I learned last lesson, issued the content at the same time, also pay attention to the propaganda station, built a fine arts college entrance examination of the group, so repeat it more, do a lot of Links and similar website and high quality links, is a very hard thing, then I pr=1, I take the initiative to find PR older than I like the PR2 site links, of course, is a good word to say, oh, some have compassion and I do, don’t find too high, as you pr=1 you find pr=4 and you basically do not do now, my PR is 4 the Baidu included my site is more than 1000, when the flow rate is high more than 1000

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