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what’s the difference between China’s entrepreneurship and Silicon Valley? That’s what I want to talk about today. Also in pursuit of this answer, I took our entrepreneur to the Silicon Valley in the United States at the beginning of this year. It took almost eight days to read and learn a lot.


said today it is the content of my speech, in fact not, after we come back to our Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, everyone wrote a 2000 word speech, we extracted from the contents inside, this is the contents of my speech today, our entrepreneurs >

below is the full text of Li Kaifu’s speech:

Li Kaifu also stressed that as a great company’s CEO, there should be several characteristics: to be responsible for leading the company’s culture and strategy, to find the most consistent with the company’s strategy, to make the company become the most powerful.

for the talents, Li Kaifu the following are a few suggestions: first, that CEO should spend a lot of time in recruiting personnel; second, do not meet the cultural staff can not be on top, but the employees do not mean your shares; finally, the wise man, how would you like to be on the management. How to manage them, let every man be trusted enough.

October 15, 2016, red dot ventures announced the establishment of the first China fund, and completed a total of $180 million in the first phase of fund raising. The new fund runs independently of the red dot venture China team, and the red dot China team will always have the "red dot" brand in china. Chinese after the establishment of the fund, the number of fund red dot ventures in the global scope management rose to 10, the management of the total assets of $4 billion.

APUS founder and CEO Li Tao said: "the red dot is APUS’s early investors, accompany and witnessed the whole process of APUS become Chinese Internet platform in the global maximum, the company’s strategic direction, even global cooperation"

innovation works are now looking for new track, now the main investment should be up to the field of artificial intelligence, including big data to unmanned robotics; then the field of culture and entertainment, and education, O2O, B2B and enterprise software. None of this has reached the end of the second half or the end of the game.

Li Kaifu said that the Innovation workshop has not invested in mobile APP for 3 years, and for the early investors, the second half of the Internet has passed.

Yuan Wenda said: "the pace of integration of technological innovation and global market convergence, for Chinese entrepreneurs to provide a very good entrepreneurial environment.". After the establishment of the new fund, the red dot China will change from the Global Fund’s branch in China into an independent local institution, which will help to enhance our domestic competitiveness. We will use global vision and extensive experience in the TMT field to better support entrepreneurs."

technology CEO Han Kun said: "the red dot ventures is a very forward-looking venture capital fund, in the mobile video industry has not erupted five years ago, red dot ventures took the lead in the investment in science and technology, the red dot under the support of the technology to create a second shot, and a small coffee show broadcast and other explosive products, become a leader in the field of mobile video. I believe that the China fund set up by the red dot foundation can help more Chinese entrepreneurial teams, produce more "unicorn", and achieve more valuable companies."

source: visual China

reported that the first phase of a total of $180 million of the Chinese fund for key investment in the field of TMT early project, focusing on consumer technology and enterprise IT services, plans to be completed in about two years. The fund completely by the red dot Chinese team of independent operation, fund managers for the red dot ventures managing partner Yuan Wenda, partner of Wu Feng and Zhang Han, including the management and Investment Committee, all of the red dot Chinese team. Although the new fund operates independently, the fund and the US fund will maintain close cooperation and utilize both resources in the global market to help the international collaboration and resource sharing of the invested companies.

thank you all. It’s nice to be back on the AMAA stage. Today my topic is "what should we learn from Silicon Valley?". We’ve seen a lot of great companies in China, but are there really any companies like Googel, Tesla, apple? It’s like we don’t have enough confidence yet.

held on the weekend of the 12th anniversary celebration Yajie chamber of Commerce, innovation works chairman and CEO Li Kaifu on the innovation trend nowadays speech. Li Kaifu said in his speech, the era of mobile Internet has passed, the next stage of the great start-up companies increasingly need to have the advantage of core technology.

Li Kaifu believes that for the early investors, in fact, the second half of the Internet has passed, and early investors will have to look at other areas. The second half definition means that when the user is saturated, the mobile Internet bonus is over. In the future there will still be a lot of mobile APP, but from the investor’s point of view, we must look at those who are most exposed to the wind, the highest growth rate of the company.

public information, red dot ventures Redpoint Ventures was founded in 1999, headquartered in Menlo Park, San Francisco, Beijing, with offices in Shanghai and other places, the management of the total assets amounted to $4 billion, focusing on TMT field early in the project. Since 2005, the red dot in the domestic investment of nearly 40 TMT project portfolio, including: HomeAway, Netflix, MySpace, Qihoo 360, music funny game, Dorman, second hand systems, science and technology, all about car etc.. The Qihoo 360, music funny game, such as the success of the project IPO concentrating technology, CGEN, mobile advertising, Dorman technology second project profitable merger.

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