Fribi a second hand trading platform in the circle of friendsHow do earn 860538 38 in 4 months

Fribi: the secondhand goods trading platform in the circle of friends

originally translated every day PPC class articles, sent to the CB plate, usually more than a few of their own scan, translation. Today came up on the translation, the two paragraph found that it is not about PPC, hair in the CB plate is not appropriate, so issued in this area is right.

Fribi will be how to attract users to achieve traffic growth. Not long after the market outside Norway, Fribi has few overseas users, and there are not many idle items available for trading. However, Fribi believes that they have two advantages over competitors: one is easy to use and the other is network.

Fribi lists all the idle items waiting to be processed in a user friendly way. "There is a big difference between Fribi and other classified trading platforms," Issa Chasen said. "It’s more focused on the user’s personal relationships, and it’s going to be a community oriented trading platform that allows the delivery of unused items."

and my website struggled, I started accumulating amazing hosting fees. Think about so many photos, text, gadgets, plugins, a day by >

until October 2005, I thought about my new project, and then it was my most successful year. Find a good idea and control it. The social network SNS is starting to heat up. I think I should make a profit from this phenomenon, but I haven’t thought of a good idea yet. Myspace has millions of users who use it 24 hours a day! I think it’s a shame if you don’t use it. Later, I thought, "don’t sell these MSN space users. Why don’t you give them something?" I thought of giving my site a free content for them. In short, I stand and I start viral spread. Don’t let the user to upload something to my website to find information, they all need, free! And immediately ran to tens of thousands of users MSN space on our site, every day 180000+ independent visitors most of the time, occupying one trillion broadband TERABYTES. Think of hosting thousands of photos, watched by countless communities and managing big growth.

Fribi co-founder and CEO · Modun; Issa Chasen Morten Isachsen said: "we all have a lot of idle items lost in the wardrobe, garage and basement, until one day they are not worth a hair when we will be thrown into the trash. Fribi’s service was originally aimed at our community, and later we decided to expand our services, put our own resources into a project team, and start a new company."


The biggest challenge facing

first of all, you need to create a list that is far from being so cumbersome as eBay micro-blog or Craigslist. Next, you need to take a picture of what you’re planning to do and describe it briefly. In addition, Fribi has a scoring system that prevents users from trading useless or bad things.

application experience of & tide ride the wind and waves:


, first of all, this article is not to move you, not soft text, just to make you feel that this is entirely possible. This is a comment I write about, I do Wangzhuan experience, from the worst to the best. It looks like a big project, a station, hundreds of hours of hard work, together with sleepless nights. That’s how I made $860538.38 in 4 months.

in a free trading market, people are usually curious about what they will handle. If a friend to sell cheaper teapot just is you a few weeks to search, then what kind of feeling? Could it away.

again and again, I talked about you have to change the point, that is, the marketing segment PS:niche, translated into a niche market, no language, translated here to refine the market, market segments, long tail market. Every once in a while, you continue to earn some new money. Over the past year, I’ve done everything from website content to lottery to free coupon type sites. In the early 2004, I ran my best aff project, and even mail based license marketing. In the early 2004, to tell you the truth, I made a lot of money. Then things started to get worse and I was slacking off, and the whole 2005 was like this. I didn’t make much money that year, and I was depressed. Sometimes it’s difficult to get back from the bad to the best, especially when you arrive at something that has no potential. To put it simply, I fell back to the lowest point of my successful wave.


Fribi is developed by a Swedish start-up company, with two versions of iPhone and Android, which can help users deal with idle items easily. Fribi will restrict transactions to your acquaintances, allowing you to trade with Facebook’s friends.

believes that a lot of people have had this kind of worry: there are too many idle things in the family. They throw it away. Unfortunately, it is useless to put it in the house. It still occupies the place. What should we do now? Maybe Fribi can help you with this problem.

Two months after

Fribi, which was launched online just a few months ago in Norway, has achieved good results. In this country of only 5 million people, every day there are tens of thousands of people through this platform, each one takes what he needs Fribi.

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