2016 to join any industry

if you are also going to start in 2016 to make money, you first want to find a reliable industry, looking for the industry, entrepreneurship easier. In 2016 to join what industry? Do you want to know the answer, and now follow the small series together to see what the industry joined in 2016.

2016 years to join what industry? Drug


2016 years to join what industry? Health products

2016 years to join what industry? Software

any software in Chinese sell are not good, here we only to buy genuine people. The cost of each CD is 9 cents, the cost of high-end software packaging, but $5, but the software is often the big head of R & D. WINDOWS98 sold nearly 8 years, the money is enough to re develop the WIN98 of the 40, but it is foreign. If Bill Gates was born in Chinese, that had long been starved to death or when the machine is still in Zhongguancun.

2016 years to join what industry? Small household appliances

than the refrigerator color TV, small household electrical appliances, the lowest cost, highest profit. PHILPS is one of the big companies started small appliances. In fact, the razor manufacturing cost 1800 yuan only 180 yuan higher than the razor 1.5-2 times, but in retail but can be sold for 10 times the price. Who used PHILPS razor hand: Hello hundreds of high-tech products is also a value of 20 yuan.

in the preparatory work before, we must first want to do what.


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