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the data for each country is exciting, if only from the number of investment projects. It is worth mentioning that, in 2016 the annual data is not yet fully statistical, but this does not prevent us from drawing conclusions: class SaaS start-up companies will be a big trend.



, according to Crunchbase statistics, the U. S. market investment in SaaS start-ups increased from $1 billion 500 million in 2010 to $7 billion today. Data declined in 2016, because the changes in the environment and this year has not yet ended, the annual data has not been fully statistical. Outside the United States, investment in the SaaS industry has increased by 6.3 times over the same period of time, which is a good news for investors in the SaaS industry.

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ofo, former vice president of finance, Lin Ming, or has left, the new recruitment of responsible people are also from drops.

, in this regard, drops said temporarily do not respond. Ofo official told 36 krypton, after joining the ofo, pay Qiang will use their relevant experience to help ofo operational efficiency, service experience and upgrade, to create a shared bike quality travel new style.



compares Brazil with $2 million when the location is used as a horizontal comparison; Israel’s highest value has reached $6 million, while France and Germany are similar. Canada’s SaaS industry is similar to the United States in terms of stability and market size. Many factors may lead to instability in the market, and the financing environment in different countries is not the same – even professional direction will be different. The same thing, we should speak with the data.


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should appreciate is that SaaS startups in different regions can identify the characteristics and trends of localization

Canada, Israel, Chinese, India is becoming a fertile ground for the SaaS class company; a new generation of software companies are all over the world come to the fore, in these emerging enterprises, lack of market value of millions of dollars of the company. For example, Canada’s Shopify, Hootsuit, Australia’s Atlassian, New Zealand’s Xero, and that’s just a few of them. When these young start-ups emerged, how did the financing market change?

emerging SaaS software as a service start-ups are emerging, and when these young companies emerge, the financing market will change. The author, Tomasz Tunguz, is an investor of red dot ventures, and he analyzes the reasons for the globalization of SaaS companies.

, senior vice president of payment, is about to serve as CEO of ofo, reporting to CEO Dai wei. Ofo official confirmation.

36 krypton was exclusively informed that significant personnel changes occurred in ofo. Drop senior vice president Fu soon to serve as CEO of ofo, reporting to CEO Dai wei. Ofo officials have confirmed the matter to 36 krypton.

ofo executives may also change the pattern of shared bike warfare that is escalating. < < drop > style > >

currently has a total of 8 seats on ofo’s board of directors, with 2 of executives posted on the floor.

also informed sources at the same time to 36 krypton, ofo former vice president of finance, Ye Ming, or has left, the new recruitment is also from the head.

if the data are split by different countries, we can see that the market outside the United States is unstable. But the long-term trend is growing. For example, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Britain, India, and Israel are in the picture above.

as we all know, drops are closely related to ofo. In July 6th this year, ofo announced the completion of the $700 million E round of financing, drops as the financing of investors, and ofo over B+ rounds of financing, drops are also involved. In April this year, drops will also ofo access to their App, users can directly use ofo services in drops.

36 krypton learned to pay in April 2014 to join the fast taxi, served as the head of the rapid Beijing district. With 2015 drops fast, Fu Qiang has served as the drops of driving on behalf of division, car rental and car division division responsible person, after he was promoted to drop the quality of travel business group responsible person, on behalf of the drive, the car drops, leading enterprise, luxury cars and other business construction and development.

pay strong April 2014 joined fast taxi, served as the head of the rapid Beijing district. After the rapid merger, Fu Qiang has served as the driving agent for the car division, car rental division and car business department head, and then promoted to the quality of travel business leader.

third party software enterprise credit inquiries show that the current ofo enterprise Beijing science and Technology Co., Baikeluoke board members for a total of 8 seats, which drops executives stationed accounted for 2 seats. According to Tencent technology reported in March this year, a shared bike investor revealed that, after several rounds of financing ofo, Didi has become the largest shareholder of ofo, accounting for more than 30% shares. "By the end of the day, bit by bit is still the biggest institutional shareholder for ofo," an insider said.

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