What are the factors that affect the bidding incomeHow to realize the part time Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

when I was working in the company, I couldn’t get on the extranet, but there were many people in the company, plus my company was a software company, and many people became interested in the internet. So when we were out and smoking, we talked about making money on the internet. Some colleagues in the development of some software projects to do a small job, a month can earn about 3-6k, and part-time to do the project, so this is considered a master. Of course I talked about my idea, so I said Taobao. They came with me like the original, although in the IT industry’s tip, but not heard Wangzhuan, not to mention Taobao off. So I talked to them about the prospects of Taobao customers. They were very interested and asked me some more in-depth questions, and then let me help them build the site. I propose domain names with foreign domain names and tell him my promotion links. Because I helped him, and frankly tell him that this is my promotion links, so he did not reject any opinion, but also clamoring to give me tuition, ha ha. But let me feel accident happened, he is willing to share and gratitude, he told his friend Wangzhuan, and charged them with my promotion links, so there are two days in the following income.

is not much, but what I didn’t do, just tell them Wangzhuan is a low threshold of the industry to make money. And this approach can be promoted as a model. Of course, if you’re going to do it in the company, you have to communicate with others in terms of helping others.

advertising language: a good light advertising page is not enough, advertising language is more critical, with the most simple language, to create the most seductive atmosphere, this is the best advertising language, generally speaking, advertising language is the best analogy, and similar products on the market in contrast, is to explain the advantages and disadvantages on their own, their advantages and disadvantages are also written.

customer service: an excellent customer service that allows every consultant to be your client.

company or not: whether there is a company, whether or not the company operates, this is critical, so there is no company, you also want to PS business license. If you click on the advertisement price: 100 yuan a set, then you must be bad, if you set a price is 0.05 yuan, then you are profitable, so the advertising price is the key, is to use the lowest price to create the highest profit.

I want to do Wangzhuan now many people are part-time. There are a lot of people complain about too little time to do part-time Wangzhuan, only home from work every day to open the computer after. But there is a saying: Wangzhuan everywhere.

ad page: many friends do not pay attention to advertising pages, in fact, the most critical advertising page, an excellent advertising page, to show that the manufacturers are professional products or projects, the credibility increased immediately. Therefore, the ad page must find a very good team to develop, and generally go to Witkey to find people to develop.


2, mutual benefit, leveraging.

since it is part-time, then most people should be in the enterprise for the main job, and a business at least dozens of holes, more than thousands, tens of thousands of. If the company can not access the extranet, then the intranet is a good platform for promotion. Now a geometric growth in the number of webmaster, I believe that no matter who the company will do Wangzhuan people, and it’s not a minority. What’s more, Wangzhuan is a very low threshold, almost anyone can open the browser can be involved, so no matter what the company has can operate Wangzhuan space. Today I share two ways. The way I share is, as always, the way I actually operate and bring in benefits.


What are the factors that influence the bidding income of

1, to help the people around you in your.

?. What are the factors associated with the earnings of the auction?

phone: what’s your phone number? It’s also your status symbol. Delivery methods: cash on delivery and payment after delivery, the two forms of business generated is certainly not the same. Therefore, online advertising is profiteering, but the skills are very strong, no one thing is to say who do all profiteering, difficulty and income is proportional to.

advertisement: here the advertisement is said in the auction on the advertising language, advertising here is according to the time to calculate the cost, so the ad request would not mean temptation, don’t tempt people to be possible for you to buy the product, if you write, daily income 1000 yuan, so many people may have come, traffic would be wasted, if you write on the network, creative, a 1000 yuan, so may people are prepared to pay 1000 yuan man.

this way, it brings me a little more income than before. The method is to work with your colleagues. You provide money, technique, method, he gives time. That is, you provide violent products, do a good marketing page, and tell him promotion methods, he is doing is to spend time >

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