How to resist the temptation of profiteeringHow to sell Taobao free fish products monthly income of

and expected good, upload the day, visitors soared, the day earned almost 900 yuan

I said, "some treasure, you don’t know."

, I was thinking, how could, and what I couldn’t find in Taobao, holding the belief that I didn’t believe it, I went to Taobao search, and I didn’t find it…

one day, a local group friends said, where can I find the access card copier, I immediately despise him a little, what age, do not know to find Taobao?

said here, I think of pine station, seems to have seen, some people said: the most profitable methods are written in China’s "criminal law", there is a sense, I am talking about the following products, a little edge of the taste…

… Of course you want to

has something to do with the little day, :553688840

so, I bought some samples through the channel that day, and immediately took pictures and uploaded them. here, say, I was doing the industry with this product, so this thing is too familiar…



network is a big market, the number of gold inside numerous, but also to the way, network is not disorderly, in recent years, the national team of network supervision has strengthened a lot, often see the hacking on the site, was caught stealing, do color stand caught. Because the network is virtual, so the network may more false than reality, intrigues. Novice friends should keep their eyes wide open, beware of being duped.

so I replied to him,

so many people search, indicating that a lot of demand, this is not shaking Qian Shu?

, he said, "no, I’ve looked for it."

has been diving in the pine blog, looking for a variety of dry goods, always thinking of according to the great God provided methods to promote drainage, so that I can become a high-income crowd.

now selling what, you must first think of Taobao to set up shop, no way, the threshold is low, suitable for the grass root, but also because of this, we are not very good close contest, supply channels and financial support, it is difficult to survive in the ocean that what Taobao often heard a word! Free is the most expensive… This sentence is justified, to open a Taobao shop to have to think of a way to rank, in addition to money no way.


well, what to sell products! For me, of course is to sell yourself familiar with the products that I have seen a lot of products, a peer price for me no profit.

small day I had just started when the network is also curious to see what, see the word forum, day to earn one hundred yuan thousand yuan is also the title of the heart can not help. Of course, just beginning to do Wangzhuan have been cheated, I remember like to find a PW site. The result did not make, still cheated a few hundred yuan. The time and since then encountered more alluring advertisement, the heart always consider a look at it, that is feasible, where is the profit point, and then summed up a result is basically those ads are deceptive. Needless to say, the lure of these high profits really has a fatal attraction for beginners, and so many are cheated. Therefore, the small days here to advise those novice friends, down-to-earth work, the sky will not drop the pie, do not want to get rich overnight, so unrealistic, with the lottery to buy a reason.

on the network Denver is not impossible, in addition to selling products, do long-term regular projects, also have a way to get rich quickly, please get rich quick small day find another article "reference" small days. It introduces some ways to get rich quickly, but it involves the idea of getting a real money chess game. Think of it or don’t do it well. After all, it is also a gamble. Others are good, emotional friends can see.

instinctively, I searched the Taobao index I see what new things would love to Taobao search index, search index… WOW! Many


see a lot of dry cargo, no one out, always feel too much trouble, I am doing in traditional industries, but not too familiar with the Internet, has been looking for a variety of effective promotion methods, today I will share my own use of it, is not very tall, but very indeed, the headline monthly income of over 10000 have exaggerated ingredients, but one month I did this make $ten thousand, net profit of

in addition to these more attractive scams, there are still some projects that really do make money, but it’s illegal, so don’t touch it. Such as phishing, phishing, pornographic websites, hacking, pyramid schemes, and gambling sites. Is indeed a huge profits, but the prison is a lot, so we advise the novice friends, don’t touch, otherwise only deeper, and it is not a liar, cheat you’re not saying, don’t you tell the police, I bought a yellow web program cheated, estimated to be caught is your own.


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