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Zhu Xiaohu friends punctuate comment, "on the reflecting off argument is completely wrong! No see mobile universal live and live by the end of the PC trade union difference control! Early venture capital must keep an open mind to look at new things, otherwise will always be missed since the unicorn to find this lame excuse! as despise despise despise" there are still people who cannot read "group purchase, today take away, like a taxi."

must be prepared for adequate funds when doing business. This is not nonsense! Make an enterprise or individual, with 60 thousand yuan to run, just what will be, will do, can the normal operation in the short term, may also earn some money, but once a long time will be repeated exposure — problems heavy, management failure, poor effect, poor stability and so on therefore, only to spend money to buy materials and equipment, to repeat the introduction of talent, not even all the work "aborted"! If the enterprise or individual, if the investment of 100 thousand yuan is very important to do — pay attention to high quality and high efficiency, low cost, low pollution and so on, pay attention to the business.

, don’t let the sunk cost destroy you,

in China drops and drops when in full swing, investors, Jinsha River venture capital director Zhu Xiaohu has twice issued shelling, "Shenzhou car is typical of the false sharing economy", China investors didn’t respond to a stand out.

enough money to avoid dying

economic ecosphere in

this is not the end, less than 1 hours, he reproduced a screenshot, and additional comments: "$1 billion exit, help us earn more than 100 million dollars of outstanding entrepreneurs view: only take the digital formula and several sets of plausible theory to question, the people can only go back to school smatter investment to teach, is not suitable for fighting in the storm! Change rapidly in the mobile Internet today, we remind ourselves, must remain humble and open, admitted that he may not be able to understand new things, will it be possible to obtain some achievement in small


the reason why entrepreneurs are still obsessed with the past business, because they have to pay the cost of human, too much equipment cost, time cost, physical cost and so on, these have to pay is the cost of "sunk cost". They are affected by the sunk cost, continue to prove themselves, and continue to invest for the sake of achievement, so they continue to invest in the later stage, so they have to eat the stuffed buns after they are full". Perhaps the entrepreneurial business market is not how good, but they are repeated self deception, stubborn, sunk cost is irreversible, we must re-examine and make new choices. Einstein said: "always do the same thing, but have been looking forward to different results, this is called insanity."." Stick to what you insist, but give up when you give up. Don’t let the past pay for your future.

Zhu Xiaohu is the guest of A round of investors, which will reflect the guest with drops, hungry, OFO and so on together, as the most proud investment case. Zhu had in all possible situations seize the opportune moment for the investment portfolio includes PR mapping, even in the guest, reflecting the guest in scalping scandal, also called "the excuse, to encourage users for the purpose of operating skills" but you sure, this is not the default founder move to data good-looking, more easily the next round of investment > flicker

live as the industry leader, reflecting off move almost declared to give up independent listing plans, now, even the industry leading enterprises have not survive, predictably, there are a number of companies choose to live by a wholly owned acquisition or transfer of part of the shares of the future, or even bankruptcy.

looks like an excellent entrepreneur who has helped Jinsha River make $more than 100 million.



yesterday, Blue Lake Capital Partners Yin Ming a businesslike article: "the risk of investors" caused by anxiety, may not have had no reason to mention the falls off easily, caused a strong rebound in Zhu Xiaohu.

in the outer suburbs, some industries rely on you a business is not sustainable development, must be in a certain number of enterprise or individual to "competition atmosphere dataichangxi". For example, in Beijing suburban areas such as Pinggu is not suitable for Internet business, computer assembly and maintenance business, which is due to traffic developed, passenger demand for small, low economic level, consumption ability and other factors. If you set up a Internet Co in the outer suburbs, you will not attract more investors and employment because of inconvenient transportation and backward economy, but not convenient for the investigation, record and research of the Internet industry. If in the outer suburbs to engage in computer maintenance industry, but because of electronic parts, models, prices update too fast and cause backlog and loss, if required purchase, it will take more than 1 days to solve customer problems. And in the bustling city of Beijing, eight districts and suburbs have formed thousands of Internet Co, electronic products stores, and passenger flow and demand huge, forming a corresponding business ecosystem. Therefore, it is reasonable for enterprises selling clothes to get together in the same street and manufacturing enterprises gathered in industrial parks – they take advantage of the corresponding commercial ecological environment.


, founded in March 2015 on the line that was reflected off, meters music 5 million yuan angel investment; in 2015 November, reflecting off again to get Saif lead investor, venture capital, Jinsha River purple Hui venture capital investment of thousands of million A round of investment; in 2015 December, Kunlun the investment area of 80 million yuan A+ round of investment; in 2016 January, Kunlun World Wide Web to reflect off an additional investment of 68 million yuan, achieved a 18% stake.

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