Several bottlenecks in the development process of the restaurant

is like in our study career, no matter how hard you will not improve grades always in so few time, like to escape from cakes like birds, how can it meet the bottleneck. Every one of us will encounter bottlenecks in the development and operation of the restaurant is also, then the restaurant business will encounter what bottlenecks?.

Several bottlenecks in the development process of


bottleneck, no old employees

this is a very terrible problem, the development of the restaurant is needed, a team restaurant is not destined to no development, many restaurants need to support older employees in the development process, but for many reasons, the restaurant is not old employees, no one can do, this restaurant how can the development of good! Leave the old employees, especially capable of older employees is very important.

bottleneck two, only talk about culture dishes

now many employers know the importance of culture, so culture is playing a lot of dishes to send, the elegant name, in fact, there is no food except the name what features, this restaurant is also difficult to develop. One of the catering industry’s core product is food, the taste is good or bad decisions can be recognized by consumers, a method of culture just increase the added value of food, food is a good food is not good, is a tiger with wings added, lifting a stone on their own feet. Restaurant, we must manage good dishes.

bottleneck three, there is no opinion, just change the restaurant positioning

restaurant owner is always susceptible to the impact of a variety of hot dishes and ideas, blindly follow the trend, what the fire to do, the result of the drink is closed, such examples are not uncommon in the food and beverage market. The restaurant must have their own position, the boss to understand a truth, you can not get all the hearts and minds of consumers, as long as the heart can get a part of consumers, manage their customer is king!

The restaurant is above

in the development process often encountered problems, hope you boss a good reflection of



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