How do the new on line twenty days snapshot


started I seldom go to the forum signature, not to comment on the blog, because all of a sudden into too much junk links may be harmful to the health of the website. The best to find some weight good outreach to increase the site’s exposure rate, and increase the degree of information search engine on the web, with content, basically 20 days can do a snapshot of the

D, in several good industry B2B released a few ads. And leave your link. For example, Alibaba, HC, their industry famous B2B website. Because even the advertising, but these well-known B2B page weight is very high.

B, in a few blogs have a link with the

1, the website will be on-line before the site as a whole, web site framework, determine a good style, to love Shanghai after minimal modification. And the website structure to do the tree structure more reasonable, and the site of the most deep-seated page don’t distance home 5 clicks. Only good website structure will let the spider crawling deeper.

Step by step

snapshot is included in the search engine on the Internet a page and save the page information into its database to date, the importance of snapshot for a site is not to say, especially for the optimization of sex in Shanghai! But a new website, especially the enterprise station, on the site just on the line for a month it is difficult to do snapshot, and now love Shanghai also has the sandbox, so at the beginning, it is difficult to make frequent visits spider’s own website, but do not talk of snapshot and ranking. Today I would like to share the experience, how will the enterprise website do on-line twenty days snapshot! Of course I was a rookie, it is important to discuss.


3, outreach.

C, to the webmaster of the forum an article, of course, is not to contribute, but in the webmaster forums.


!The original

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a, the website submitted to the search engine, the daily Links platform sends three Links information, of course not to exchange Links, but purely in order to attract spider.

F, the classification of information network, the local information port of local advertising.

g, all kinds of talent websites for inspiration, and leave a link

2, refused to adhere to the original false original, acquisition. This is very important, especially for new sites, because now Google and love Shanghai has a new assessment period, is the sandbox period, if the site operation began acquisition, the search engine will directly think this station is a station, want to do the site within 20 days snapshot is very difficult.

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