Analysis how to do a good job in the quality of the chain

how can we make the quality of external connection or convey nature of the external connection?

4, in addition: in particular, should pay special attention to the other side of the site and you do connection time, we must pay attention to the site will be search engine punishment, search engine on the website of the external connection quality is a certain evaluation,

high quality links of manufacturing mode

baby, baidu or noble and some other search engines will dispose of your site,


has The number of

after three kinds of complex argument as follows:

second is to write some good article, let each big website or other groups to stop the BLOG reprint,

currently has two more important on the web site of the weight of relatively large web sites YAHOO and DMOZ, YAHOO is the charge and the price is a little expensive, but he does exist a high value (especially the punishment is quite serious!) so do not do it by way of mass link, otherwise is the chance of K is quite high, as the largest human edited directory sites, DMOZ also has the most authoritative voice,

, the first is to find some larger websites to communicate cohesion, serious damage to the health of the network environment



also has a manufacturing high quality links in practice, it is to the web site search engine directory submission may stop, this assumption in your station has not reached a certain weight measure difficult to complete,

but should pay attention to what add external connection is correct, the addition of external connection is wrong,

therefore requires not only the number of external links, more requirements of quality


links but it is not, you should be more important to judge from your web site link, website content common good he brings to you is not only the friendship of traffic, more important is that it can bring you to the weight of search engine and a friendly and good ranking, included,

distinguish a good link, you must start from the group that you do at the end of the external connection site content identification, if your website can be submitted to more than two sites included in the directory, whether it is still in good rankings will have a certain weight, of course, only the external links is not enough the site, optimization and implementation of overall demand with such as page optimization, website marketing planning and other means as long as these are the real Shanghai dragon,

so how is a good link to

3, cohesion of the other party is best for those who PageRank high site links for link quality best,

third is the purchase of some good web site and a stop hanging in the form of a

Usually we can

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