Link optimization avoid double efficiency winning price is higher

in the chain optimization reasonable


how to optimize the website chain? The internal optimization: fine, simple, smooth, and the principle of relativity. "Fine" there is no dilution keyword useless links, the main page of the weight is not over the export link polydisperse site weight. The site is intended to highlight the relevance of link, highlight key, theme, and to optimize the search engine to the fastest climb to the site each page links, the search engine index to complete the best effect in the shortest time, so the website search engine is one of the objects of the love. "Jane", simple page links, there is no deep directory links, and simple link directory or page names, such as does not exist: /index.php? Uid=%B6%FE%BD%F8%, the search engine is not easy to resolve to the page. In simple words, how to make the search engine in the equivalent period of time can resolve more things, the effect is better. In addition, "Shun" word, say more is each page does not exist can not access the link, to avoid the structure of 404, can make the search engine without any wrong experience after the whole process index website. Finally, the principle of "relevance" can be said to be prompted in the page spider a complete look bad, to avoid premature missing out of the site. As in the article "related articles", use the keyword to other content pages of text description, its meaning is that, on the other hand also increased the importance of the site to the optimization of the keyword.

two: Tuiyou external links

some webmaster line on the site after the start of the overwhelming promotion, although the stick if things go on like this can get good effect. However, the advantages and disadvantages are interdependent, even to get more than the results deserve much smaller. If the search engine update batch delete the chain, a few hundred, many thousands of thousands of hard work to promote the night all gone. Why do some of the site itself and not much outside the chain, but the chain has played a leading role? The reason lies in the link of "fine". The number of links in the link quality is more. At the same time as a webmaster should also know what kind of link is more quality. Forum signature? Post Bar message, after the hyperlink in the article? Or ordinary text? In fact, a high quality links to resources, can completely replace the number of spam chain. Secondly, what kind of links can lead to web based traffic, but.

link optimization is divided into two parts, one part is the optimization of the internal structure of the link ", the second is to optimize the website external links. The organic combination of optimization, it can achieve the best search engine to experience the whole process of site rules, so as to promote the rapid ascension site weight. What kind of link rules was the most consistent with search engine, is the number of links? The answer is no, nobody is to create the achievement in quantity, smart people learn is how to get the highest minimum effort, the effect of Shanghai dragon Er optimization links also is so.

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