How to choose the enterprise website domain name

if you can, don’t try to choose a connector of the domain name. Of course, there are still many companies use the domain name connector or even two or three connector. But the use of connectors were two of the most deadly is the user can easily forget a hyphen and it is easy to overlook the hyphen (for example, when the user wants to access www.your-domain贵族宝贝 will normally enter www.yourdomain贵族宝贝, results in your competitor’s website). And add a link with web site is easy to make the user feel this site is a mountain.

try to find one spelling domain. If you have several domain name according to the pronunciation of the spelling of the user when the input is easily confused. So, the best selection of a user can be heard to write out the domain name.

Only the spelling of


Do not use the


贵族宝贝 is currently the most used top-level domain. If you are choosing a domain name to your company, choose a贵族宝贝 domain name is very necessary, it can improve customer loyalty to your company,贵族宝贝 domain name usually gives more professional and more cosmopolitan feeling. And贵族宝贝 is the most easy to remember domain name. Of course, there are many successful companies of the domain name is.Net,.Org or other, but for a start-up company, when you want your customers in the transport of your company domain name, the.Net贵族宝贝 remember? Of course, there are some exceptions, if your company’s main business focus on a one area, you can also choose the local top-level domain, such as.Cn,.Us China representative on behalf of the United States, on behalf of Hongkong.Hk.


The shorter the better Whether you are The commercial value of

to your business website, personal home page or blog selected domain name, know how to choose is very important. It is self-evident a good domain name for your site’s significance. Here, the host 91 gives you some suggestions to select the domain name.

the shorter your domain is easy to remember, but also more convenient input. And also, more convenient your users tell others your domain name. This is a good thing for your company.

is the easiest way to determine your domain name has no commercial value and competitiveness is to imagine when it appeared on the billboard, looks comfortable. It is very important not only for the commercial website, the personal page, is also very important.

some of these suggestions are very important to use, depending on your domain name, the domain name of enterprise website and homepage to consider certainly different emphases. But generally speaking, the advice is very helpful.

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