2016 how to love Shanghai and Shanghai Longfeng earn promotion


many of our enterprises want to quickly promote their products on the Internet, and no one understands that Shanghai dragon, Shanghai to promote the right to have sex, but as utterly ignorant of Shanghai Longfeng completely, increasing competition, promote the advantages no longer exist. So why don’t we try to love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon together to do? Let me about sex in Shanghai to promote enterprise plus Shanghai Longfeng benefits.

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two, always do Shanghai dragon, if coupled with the love of Shanghai, how will

think of a small and medium-sized enterprise itself limited amount of funds, the company could not put too much advertising costs in Shanghai promotion, if have to do with the Shanghai dragon ranking, so our advertising is more a tiger with wings added.

recently frequently heard the words: Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, love Shanghai promotion more cheating! Yes, Shanghai dragon do not do now, we love Shanghai search for a keyword, full front row 8 love Shanghai, plus the Shanghai trade, love love the Shanghai encyclopedia, HC, finally, the ranking of the first page but found the scanty true flow of love; everyone is Voices of discontent. Shanghai, love Shanghai promotion competition has reached white hot, Fujian Putian and Shanghai last year that love for we have heard, they click on a part to promote the maximum of 999 yuan (love Shanghai click on the price ceiling of 1000 yuan), but people with hair standing on end. Competition was not what to say, the business community is very normal, no one can do business exclusively. The key is to love the Shanghai malicious click too much, there are many invalid clicks, the advertising effect, didn’t see. Hard is Shanghai dragon and love Shanghai now is not good to do, but do not ah, after all, network marketing has become a trend. So what should we do in 2016? My advice is: love Shanghai + Shanghai dragon two combination, will surprise.

a lot of people do not understand, not love and love before the promotion of Shanghai Shanghai natural search is belong to two different "love Shanghai

2. reduces the love Shanghai promotion cost.

1. to improve the popularity of the website, increase the exposure rate, shaping the brand image.

1. plus love Shanghai promotion will enhance Shanghai Longfeng natural ranking.

, so let’s take a look at, until now Shanghai sex promotion, coupled with the Shanghai dragon, what would be the effect of

imagine a day customer search keywords to see your advertisement in Shanghai promotion, and then click to enter into your website, browse the website after the withdrawal, to continue the search at night (night customers love Shanghai promotion show only three), then your company love Shanghai promotion advertising has been closed, and your natural ranking if in three, when the customer clicks on the natural ranking to your site, then it is not your company’s trust will greatly increase the

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