How to decorate the toy shop is better

toys are children’s favorite playmates, many parents will give their children to buy toys, if they belong to their own toy shop, in the decoration on how to do it? This work is the most time-consuming, especially for some small operators and first-time entrepreneurs, cost of decoration is also a problem, it is necessary to consider the limited funds, but also take care of the effect of the decoration, entrepreneurs may wish to do some decoration before the face of such planning.

1: how much money you want to invest in the purchase of decorative materials, furniture and accessories to account for about 75% of the overall investment, so you should be most concerned about is the price of decoration. Due to the renovation of the toy store has a one-time feature, you may wish to use the funds focused on the decoration. As for the relatively tight funds for you, you can do a little better decoration, and then buy the facilities and accessories to match.

2: toy store interior layout if it is sold mainly to the toy store to rent, the Department set up, is very simple, basically is the collection department and business department, so most of the space to display toys and play, for a small part of the cashier, and as part of a cargo storage. But if you’re going to think about it, it’s more complicated. Therefore, when leasing to the house, you need to go to the store to look at others.

3: how to store toys and other goods in different places that must be placed as much as possible for customers to choose.

4: prominent decorative style store decoration should pay attention to the following two points

(1) toy shop decoration should be consistent with the taste of the target groups.

(2) toy shop and the surrounding environment is coordinated and outstanding, has its own characteristics.

in the increasingly fierce competition, toy stores want to make good performance, in addition to good planning but also pay attention to business skills.

(1): service is the key:

(2): joint can make

(3): out of the store, active marketing

(4): toy stores to create an atmosphere of production related to the opening of the store to highlight the taste of the manufacturers of the company, dilute the middleman

The process of

planning, is a comprehensive understanding of the process of entrepreneurs own storefront renovation, the toy market potential is huge, therefore, in the face of such opportunities, operators of toy stores is to seize the opportunity to enrich their own business means, through a variety of ways to improve the self.


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