Do web site optimization step by step with continuous endurance

content filling frequency should continue, if you update 5 article today, tomorrow is the 4, and then go on only one. This is the website search engine is not love.

Shanghai dragon personnel know content filling is the most important part of. So how to make the content filled? First of all to ensure the quality of content, there must be readable, at least you can understand. The second is the original, can write original to the original, but the premise is not to hurt the user experience to write original.


as a pseudo original, also have a lot of people would say false original is outdated, in fact, for those who just modify the pseudo original certainly outdated. I’m referring to those carefully sorting pseudo original, the title and content of combination finishing. This article not only has a good user experience, and the article is to carefully organize, so that a search engine will think that this is an original article. Included will be given.

2. release of the chain:

reproduced the quality of some of the articles on the website optimization is good, can enhance the user experience. Love is always encouraged to share Shanghai reprint.

1. website:

search engines prefer new sites, for new sites will give some extra points. Have a good ranking in the early stage of the optimization of the railway station. So how are we doing? I personally think that the optimization is a long process, step by step, do not act with undue haste.

A month before the We use The initial

early site the first thing we need to do is not to love Shanghai, but improve the website content. Wait until after a certain improvement to submit love Shanghai. This can increase the viscosity of the spider.

3. content:

I suggest new sites before one to two weeks is best not to release the chain, if the page has not been included in it can be appropriate to some high weight website, the appropriate forum to attract some spiders.

station I personally recommend don’t send too much the chain, we can put the content compared to the internal strength, the chain moves into metaphor." As a new station certainly is not perfect. If too many of the chain will be search engine that is cheating. There is no good basic quality will certainly go to practice martial arts zouhuorumo is the same reason.

when Shanghai dragon website optimization of most are like me full of hope, but that hope often turned into disappointment. When I was in contact with the industry, so that the Shanghai dragon is very simple, is to write articles published outside the chain. So I can use this method to do, the results of a month or so will be punished for the reason of the mother, how is it going? As below by Shanghai dragon rookie I talk about why the website optimization requires a gradual, sustained increase stamina.

, a web site optimization step by step:

Fill We all know that

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