How to become a successful beverage franchise

now invest in shops, businesses have to choose a good project. Next, we will have a good grasp of the business process. If you want to be a successful beverage franchise, you have to follow the steps below. In the end how to do it? Let’s look at the following xiaobian!

a, cut into a piece of the market

The current market is divided into

drinks tea, fruit juice, coffee three items, but rarely a drink alone selling mode, mostly mutual collocation. Based on the "nature of the business district" and "personal preferences" to choose the main selling goods.

two, join or self comparison

"join" the system does not suffer, join the system evaluation can be regularly to the chain of association of the website inquiry; "self" pay attention to material procurement and hardware equipment.

three, how to choose drinks to join the store

drinks to join the first to observe whether the beverage store to survive more than half a year or more, in addition to pick up two days of the peak of a drink to buy, and calculate the crowd, according to age, gender, identity and other customer level statistics.

four, make a good drink

join the system will have fixed education training, for a period of one week to 1 months; there are restaurants catering classes, the basic skills of teaching.

five, drinks shop

franchise system usually after signing the contract, will be completed within a week of decorating plans to join, provide reference; have to find a good boss self decoration team (carpentry and hydropower), privately price comparison, grasp the reasonable price.

six, personnel recruitment and training

part of the franchise headquarters will assist the store looking for staff, the boss is to recruit their own self. The initial proposal should join venture drinks boss personally penned all transaction store personnel is not stable, may at any time by.

seven, equipment procurement

as long as the compressor equipment, recommended to buy new aircraft, to avoid another new second-hand muddy filling; using POS system, a detailed record of sales and inventory status, assist control.

eight, marketing strategy plan

franchise system after signing the contract to help the stores will prepare the relevant propaganda, and self-employed should also follow such a time plan, in the decoration at the same time, the propaganda, all ready, DM name card.


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