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young people to study to pay tuition, deep understanding, but also need to pay tuition fees for business, but no ideological preparation. Some of the society after setbacks complain, think oneself is the most unfortunate people in the world. In fact, the world is big, really not destined to be successful entrepreneurs. On the contrary, all the success or failure of the summary of their lessons, or from a warning to others. Anyway, I paid the tuition fees. Young people realize that it is important to pay tuition fees for entrepreneurship, which is the foundation of success. First, only this understanding will be able to strengthen the confidence of entrepreneurship, otherwise, difficulties will be discouraged and give up. Second, know how to cherish every opportunity to learn, and accumulate experience in entrepreneurship….


number 1: spending habits,

grass root groups are generally not high income, this is in contrast to white-collar crowd, the vast majority of grass root monthly income is about 3000, can be said to live in the bottom of the city, according to the income level, consumption level of grass root population should not high. But in fact, not so, many people in this group like to pursue the trend, more yearning for those luxuries, saying that the more they get, the more fascinating. Data show that about 8.64% of the grass root population using the apple mobile phone, of course there are many grass root love cost-effective, stylish mobile phone, for example: millet mobile phone, in addition to grass root most people are playing online games, and are willing to spend money in the game, most grass root are accustomed to using the Internet to kill time. The level of consumption determines the spending habits, and the group prefers the tangible things

as a member of this group, the author is also some understanding of this group, consumption habits is a concept, mainly in three aspects: for a certain class of goods preference, for some brand preference, on consumer behavior and preferences, speak bluntly, is this love those types of grass root groups the goods, as well as the product brand, love to buy goods in what way. For example: many cock silk men are mobile phone enthusiasts, like frequent replacement of mobile phones, they prefer to compare, preferring to pursue fashion and trends. Comparison of love mobile phone brand iPhone, Samsung, especially love to chase iPhone, in fact, many grass root income is very low, buy iPhone is more luxurious, but most of the user groups have been accustomed to online shopping, especially for female users, like taobao shopping, do not buy is look very cool this group is also very love, group purchase, because more affordable.

grass root is now the word is a popular network language, what specific meaning, do not know can go to sh419, on the understanding of the word is the grass root is similar to the "grassroots", compared with the rich handsome, grass root is not what money, not what family background, a generation of young people only back the grass root, one word refers to the male compatriots. Electricity supplier in the counter attack today to grass root will be the world, why? Recall every single day, businesses are desperate to engage in activities, Crazy Fishing gold, in fact, there are many singles in grass root people, originally this holiday and business is not half dime, but is the business speculation, let this single holiday into a crazy shopping festival. Grass root is a user group, and this group is very large, there are too many people in the grass root on the Internet, but do not really understand grass root in the hearts of people, in order to taobao as an example, all love Taobao shopping mostly for 80, 90 young people, these people, many belong to the cock silk. Want to cock silk heart, must understand the heart of cock silk, first have to analyze the characteristics of this user group:

second: consumption level

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