Brief love Shanghai pictures get fast search and show the basic requirements

3, JS and flash in the picture there is no way to love Shanghai one hundred percent successfully resolved, as well as asynchronous loading etc. there is no way to be loved Shanghai index.

2, after landing in order to see the picture, the picture is not love Shanghai image search and display, no chance at all, such as a picture of the design websites need to view downloaded pictures after landing, Shanghai love is unable to complete the login username and password of the pictures on this page no index permission to love Shanghai.

two, the website environment:

three, its ranking ability and condition:

4, the picture is not only to judge the content of the picture in this chapter according to the Web context, but also contains title, alt attribute of the image itself, and picture anchor.

2, also love Shanghai is not only related to whether the picture content, the weight of the site is also very important, if you are in love the good Shanghai keyword search, then the picture will have good rankings, trust or love Shanghai on your site. If the existing keyword search over Shanghai dragon will lead directly to your picture is not trusted.

, pictures and web page:

1, is a clear map >

The relationship between

, a 1 page picture to get pictures of the search and show the love of Shanghai, is the first page and the picture is very relevant, love Shanghai’s explanation: more attention and has been the theme of the site "by the owners, the emergence of the image on the page more credible. How to make the picture and the web page theme, can through the alt attribute, and the text on the picture (although not recognized, but must be recognized by the user, related).

3, the site server stability, a stability of the website whether keyword search and image search are very favorable, there is no any difference.

1, we all know that love Shanghai spiders, web pages and the pictures are the common use of Baiduspider, at present our website or Baiduspider/2.0, want to let the picture can have good rankings in search of a picture, the first is to ensure the full friendly to Baiduspider, and ensure that the Baiduspider has good capture and included on site, demand user login to browse the website is no way.

Optimization of

love Shanghai picture is part of a larger source of traffic, Shanghai love picture search included the sorting problem, as early as 14 years will have to request detailed explanations, today as personally after the experiment, according to the requirements given in Shanghai based love combined with my own experience to share to you. If you want to show your love for Shanghai and included website pictures should have the following:

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