Optimize the commodity structure also need to adapt to seasonal characteristics

since you want to make the product can meet the needs of the market, to meet the needs of consumers, naturally also need to make these products can meet the characteristics of the season. After all, whether it is commodity category and composition of different specifications in the same category of goods, according to the different characteristics of the season are required to make the appropriate adjustments in the commodity structure, so as to ensure the rational allocation of operating funds.

Song Wei’s stores located in the south of the city of Xinyu commodity trading active non-staple food wholesale city, people here are inexpensive procurement of goods. Therefore, the flow of people, logistics are larger. Experienced Song Wei according to the different seasons of the flow characteristics to capture the business opportunities. Take the cigarette business, usually, cigarette cigarette business structure and changes in the capital he runs slightly, but before and after the Spring Festival, he not only increase the total ordering of cigarettes, but also increased the quantity of high-grade cigarette, change is the use of funds to improve all kinds of.

, for example, in July and August, the number of cigarettes he ordered will decline, the proportion of funds into the cigarette business will be relatively decreased. Because beer became the main product of the two months, so he adjusted the existing allocation of funds, reducing the procurement of liquor, bought a lot of beer. On the one hand to meet the market demand for consumption, the most important thing is to optimize the allocation of funds.

to do business is risky, many people even if the funds are very adequate, but also the need for a reasonable allocation of funds, so the optimization of the classification of goods has become a natural need to pay attention to every retail owner. Of course, if you want to optimize the classification and structure of goods, in the allocation of a variety of goods must be consistent with the characteristics of the season.


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