Chen Tong the site is down right thinking

is a website on the Internet, ninety percent websites rely on search engines to survive, eighty percent web site traffic from search engines, but with the search engine algorithm changed and changed, on the website of the increasingly high demands, do stand has been more and more difficult to do, in order to stand in the search engine rankings increased. Included increased, all the webmaster is painstaking, the hair of the chain, looking for friendship, website optimization, deal with search engine means but we think back, emerge in an endless stream, is not that we have been search engine to the nose, let me love Shanghai to the east to the West we dare not

here is my days included love Shanghai right down

analysis of my site drop right, my novel station, because the development of the need to change the server, because the novel data is very large, so I started from No. 22 to stop the update, start packing data, there are a lot of problems in the process of packing, transfer service for 28 to recover update, the middle 6 days off more.


wrote here, have to feel love.

first, my site is down right, but also drop special drop, then at night I could not sleep well, think about some things,

can be seen included before me is also good, will remember the snapshot every day, 22 days ago, the daily collection has more than 1W, but never update, included slowly down, on the evening of 25 seem to love Shanghai big update, then I’ll be right down, 25 night is my 2012 ah.


most of the webmaster, wake up the first thing is to open the computer, and then began to query their websites in Shanghai Longfeng, see included an increase of no higher ranking or not, no matter which webmaster forum or webmaster portal, that of greet "Shanghai dragon optimization method" and "if you increase the website ranking" "how to increase the weight of the website" Shanghai dragon training course is much beyond count seems to Shanghai has become a dragon, do stand of the mainstream, most web search engines because of growth, and finally because the search engine perish.


here, maybe someone will say "you say these are nonsense, do not rely on Shanghai Longfeng do!", I just want to say that we have not abandoned Shanghai dragon, but let us take the first position from Shanghai dragon down, let the Shanghai dragon become an auxiliary tool we. Let it be our tools rather than we become his slaves, to the content of the website, we put the user in the first place, the search engine

stand aside!

below is my weight, second is my No. 21 query, turn out with friends in the chat

The first figure today for everyone to share!


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