Discussion how to start from the data to love Shanghai

this problem generally appear in the hot words. In the first part I wrote, we may offer has been relatively high, ranking to the first page, but we also want to consider the problem of visual focus. Generally speaking, regional hot hits is indeed higher than the non hot region. If we do not have enough money to support us to snatch the hot region, are really at a loss what to do.

first, we want to see, to see the promotion of ranking. Remember the visual hot previous articles written by

to the "construction site" as an example. Upon inquiry, the word really high fever. If we put the word, and less to show the amount that there is only one reason: we offer too low, ranking too far, can not get to show. Then we’d better go to personally search this word, look at our promotion rank where, if the first three pages are not our shadow, we should greatly increase the bid. Modify the bid after the best look again at our ranking, we ensure that appear in the opportunity to show relatively large position.

in the previous article, I also wrote, mainly to see the sex Shanghai promotion: show the quantity, click rate, conversion rate, the three important indexes. Below I will talk about from the three aspects of how to interpret these data:


a word if the show is too low, should be how to troubleshoot the cause? First of all, to look at the key words. In the love of Shanghai index and tips in sales can easily get the keyword or search volume data.

we solve the problem of low volume keywords show, are likely to encounter such a situation: the show is a word quite large, but the click rate is too low. Encountered such a situation how to analyze and solve the


is not the only Internet data analysis, but the Internet makes data collection and more convenient access. Love Shanghai love Shanghai promotion background in statistics can show the data of website promotion is very intuitive, it is convenient for us to do data analysis.


low click rate solution

fell in love with the sea to develop a website, we all know to pay to do, but only pay for it? How to promote the work of doing a good job, how assessment? Yes, the data is

if the word itself is not too hot, or how popular words? Generally speaking, popular words of competition is not high, that is to say, popular words can be very near the front of the position is obtained by using a low bid. In this word, if we are not in the top three positions do not get to show. So, we will encounter such words do not think, or increase forward three, or just delete the word.

show of low amount

The process for promotion !



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