6 year old webmaster site was K times experience summary

started from the end of 2006, in the blink of an eye, is already six years old webmaster. But always belong to entertain the small station list, no major achievement. More than 100 pieces of the virtual space is to use most of the time, like most small owners, make a station as entertainment and learning technology. Only recently began to hire their own servers, serious business web sites.

program is stable on the one hand, the template must be careful not to change too frequently. If you have the ability, a new station on the line before, the best to write a template, after the change but also the details change. Don’t say we usually small, weight is very high also losing a lot of revision station. So don’t change today a template, tomorrow see another good template, and to change.

do stand in these six years, the site has been K page left. For example, the drama is at least K million net four net, Maverick is K and then collecting the K, now is K. After so many times by K, not good experience, but a lot of lessons. Come here, I hope everyone can give a little enlightenment, don’t make the same mistake with me.

two, space stability, IP stability.

, a web application is stable, the stability of the template.

three, title>

One of the new owners

easy mistake is to choose to do well and do the station station theme CMS program. Want to do the movie network today, we make a Marx, wait and see love Shanghai video began to promote, and replaced by a light CMS; tomorrow see customers well, and go into the thief station, it is labor-saving; wait a few days to read the novel station flow not to engage in, and to change the beautiful picture station…… In return for this, most likely to be punished love Shanghai. So for the new station is concerned, the best start to choose your theme, want to choose a good program, insist on doing it. Not xianyisiqian, this not to get sidetracked.

in the current owners, a considerable part of the site was K, all because of instability caused by space. The spatial instability includes several aspects. First, the site not open space. If your space just in love Shanghai big update does not open, you can probably bid. Second, space IP transform. Practice has proved that the IP transform website has certain effects on the site, but have little effect, depends on your luck. Third, space is black, a Trojan, or with the IP website in question. A novel PT program there are loopholes, the emergence of a large number of horse phenomenon, leading to a number of site is down right or directly by K. The web server has also been implicated. Therefore, timely upgrade website program, it is necessary to check the site.

million net has been the cause of K is, the domain name has done the movie station, local portal, network forum, opera, for every one was K. Just then the mind is fun, not too much attention.


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