White collar lunch market there are enormous business opportunities you found it

white-collar seize the lunch break regimen

coincidentally, often work overtime always recently fell in love with a nap, he ordered a professional equipment from the Internet: a folding chair is lengthened, an eyeshade, earplugs and portable nap pillow. Always say at 11:30 to 1 is the summer break time, pull the folding chair, wear eyeshade quickly "seconds of sleep", add energy.

like Zhao and AWC such young white-collar workers, on the Internet called "lunch gens", for them, is at noon day only can relax time.

shopping network spotted lunch market opportunities

a sale of the reclining chairs shop, sold in 30 days to reach 884, the owner also owns two sales crown reputation. In addition to folding chairs, eye shade, noise earplugs are also very good sales. A written punch me, the shade, the Internet has a high popularity, many white-collar collective buy, once bought twenty or thirty. "Use this time to sleep really is a good way of health" white-collar small sail said, "before noon, sitting there is not playing cards to play the game, but more tired this afternoon. After lunch break, everyone would like to have a good rest at noon.


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