Do you want to Shanghai Longfeng to a spider as their search engine

in Shanghai in 2014 2013 to change the Dragon

at the beginning of 2013, I want to find a job can learn Shanghai dragon, also had the opportunity to study with a teacher in Shanghai. If a person wants to learn the Dragon Shanghai dragon really do not know where to learn. If someone teach you more easily. Then learning website three tag set, how to write the original article, how to do the chain. I am also smart, will do it again. Slowly I also search outside Shanghai Longfeng forum to share with you, won’t ask others. You know too much. However, the unfortunate thing happened. The Shanghai dragon industry chaos, love Shanghai began to crack down the garbage chain, it can be said that in the fight against the Shanghai Phoenix. I lost my job. From then on the Shanghai dragon down. Heard how much money earned by the Shanghai dragon for me is just a distant dream. I don’t understand why you So unlucky, when I contact Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is not.

Shao Lianhu in 2010 the time had heard of Shanghai dragon. I joined a QQ group, that is to teach Shanghai Longfeng and website construction. I love Shanghai in search of what is under the Shanghai dragon, also cannot read, no direct attention to that group. At that time I just contact Wangzhuan, I only love money. What money can do what. Then I began to research on the website construction site. After just a little Shanghai dragon edge. The title is not set. I look at the title of the site piled up a lot of keywords I learn. Hey, are blind. Want to do too professional. Of course I have no serious learning Shanghai dragon.


Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult that Shanghai dragon more worthy of doing

heard some things before 2013

no matter what, if there is no technical content is not good. Because Chinese love to imitate, what money they have come together like a swarm of bees. Because it was only by the Shanghai dragon forum signature can put the site up. I have dozens of places at the time, every day I. Is junk reply. Oh, now I think is a sinner. Manufacturing to the Internet "

? Shanghai Dragon

entered the Shanghai dragon industry has been more and more friends. Come in, have to go. Because no matter how good the industry may not be suitable for all people. The Shanghai dragon well? What is good? Can earn money that is good. But Shao Lianhu wanted to say when I earn money in Shanghai Dragon not seen. When I contact Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon has been old. No way, the eye of the beholder. Shanghai dragon doesn’t work, I still love. So, no matter the Shanghai dragon development into what I will always do Shanghai Dragon Phoenix. Then, in the fierce competition of the Shanghai dragon age how can we do a good job, Shanghai dragon

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