Google webmaster tools to help us improve more details of Shanghai Dragon

3, the wrong page would be 404> grab


1, the content of

webmaster friends for many websites, or single page keywords know those words that we wrote in keyword tags inside, this is a kind of understanding form is wrong, this is the subjective understanding of "key words, no search engine from the point of departure to understand, if you install the Google webmaster tools. The analysis of Google spider robot for your web pages you will find, then the content of keywords. Take my rose blog for example, the following contents can be seen in Google keywords analysis site: Shanghai Phoenix, Beijing, website, blog, optimization, good, long, rose, the station ten is the most. These are some words can be found, in addition to the appropriate improvements is on the lower frequency of "good" and "long" words like, increase and Shanghai dragon related words.


Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. Do not know how many friends have used Google webmaster tools, to tell the truth because he has been having sex optimization work in Shanghai, some of the things Google attention really rarely, also believe that many webmaster like me, not to pay attention to the Google webmaster tools, but has recently seen a lot of friends recommend Google webmaster tools, flower some of the time a simple research that we have for Google webmaster tools like the reason for it, especially for some of the details of the statistics suggest that Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng workers give us great help. Here to share some of their experiences recently learned, I hope everyone can help in Google webmaster tools, improve more of their own in Shanghai Longfeng optimization without paying attention to details.

blog content keywords The

blog content structure


keyword is not up to you, but the automatic segmentation

2, the rationality of internal links you have


do not know if you have pay attention to their own internal links station is reasonable, because the internal link is very important in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, it can point to the relative importance of the number of internal links to a web page to inform the web search engine. According to this principle, we can give an important internal links to web pages, and those who are not too important "as little as possible to do some internal links. May we all know principle is, but how to control the rationality, I believe we are not ready before, but Google webmaster tools to help us solve this problem, the internal link statistics Google Adsense tools can tell us the website internal links which link to obtain the support of the largest number, also can help us to improve the internal link structure to make certain the guide.

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