Rural guy entrepreneurship loach income million is not a dream

business is now very popular in the industry, being your own boss, if business is good ever rich life, today’s article is about a young man to abandon high, rural entrepreneurship support and build up the family fortunes the inspirational story of loach.

only a circle of egrets, a blossoming lotus, a busy figure, compared to the quiet of the arable land in summer, Henan province civil rights county Hu Hu Nong Wang family farm is particularly lively. In the lotus pond, despite the scorching sun, but there is a man in his perspiration comes down like raindrops busy is the home business Lao Yan Ji Xiang Minquan County Villagers Li Zhong, Shangqiu’s first large-scale breeding of loach Master. At the foot of his more than 160 acres of the pond, the installation of tens of thousands of pounds loach seedlings and lotus root, they are not only the source of Li Zhong’s business, but also the strength of his struggle and forward.

give up the high return loach

just over 30 year old Li Zhong, not tall, dressed very fastidious about the ornamental and the combined plain properties. From the point of view, it is not like a person engaged in aquaculture. However, the bones of the spirit of innovation so that he embarked on the entrepreneurial road loach breeding.

after graduating from college, Li Zhong has been drifting in the south, with their own talent, and ultimately in a Luqiao construction company to do a technical engineer, the annual salary of about 100000 yuan. An enviable job is rare, but perhaps he is destined to a good challenge, people are not complacent.

2012, an accidental opportunity, he took the lead in a friend’s close to the site of the farm play. At that time, the owner of the aquaculture, said, raising loach acres of capacity to earn twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, Li Zhong was deeply shocked and attracted.

"such a good idea, why don’t I have a try?" After returning, Li Zhong had the idea of starting a business. After that, he went to the breeding base to study and visit, and then went to several trips to Wuhan, Anhui loach breeding base field visits. When you see a lot of loach breeding base to do fast, Li Zhong no longer hold the excitement. He said do it, immediately quit his home business.

heard the news of the resignation of Li Zhong, the family are opposed to the voice, colleagues also do not understand this: to give up such a good job of high pay, do not have any experience in the breeding industry, not planted in the strange! However, despite repeated friends and family discouraged, Li Zhong still insist on their own ideas. In this way, in 2013, after a year of preparation, he started breeding loach road.

to do the first "eat" loach in Shangqiu

loach may not be strangers, but recommended


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