Create long tail keywords optimization quickly improve site conversion rate

present on the network, digging through the long tail keywords on the site, we can put these out long tail keywords for a summary, so we need the optimization of long tail keywords targeted to a certain extent, which mainly consider the long tail keywords can bring traffic and conversion the rate for the web site. These can be strengthened.

second points, highlighting the title and description method

related contentAn article in

, the first mining site long tail keywords

4, the appropriate content in some relevant keywords.

3, the title of the article, give a H label, can be H1 or H2.

1, note keyword density, as far as possible in each segment are the key words.

The first 2 places, appear in the keywords Shanghai dragon mining tool has a lot of long tail keywords

, add black.

third points, strengthen the long tail keywords

a reasonable plan and write.

in the optimization of long tail keywords, we generally take the content page to the operation, so this article writing and the optimization of the content page is very important, in the title, description can be integrated into the long tail keywords appropriate to highlight the content of this article, as the title itself is a written description of the long tail keywords. It is important that appears in the search results is the content of the title, description, URL. Which describes dominates many bytes, so a reasonable, attractive, detailed description to get more opportunities for the site. In the fusion of long tail keywords is also very necessary to believe that. We have the experience of.

were recorded on the long tail keywords article link

fourth, recommended

Hello, I am Beijing Shanghai dragon Wang Jishun, recently found that many people do not pay attention to the optimization of long tail keywords, according to the optimization of the general idea of the line on the site to start the optimization, is generally based on the site of the primary key based start optimization, thus causing a phenomenon: if the master key is the heat so high, the keywords ranking do up takes a long time, during this time, the website traffic is very low, then the conversion rate of nature is very low. If a change in thinking, in the process of optimized website, we first used the strategy of optimization of long tail keywords, long tail keywords to get by traffic to the site, on this basis, gradually improve the main keywords ranking. So, we must consider the optimization techniques of long tail keywords.


may not have the knowledge to write a comprehensive, so we can reasonably recommend some articles some relevant keywords at the end of the article, this is also a lot of benefits, reduce the bounce rate, increase the site within the chain, the web sites of increased PV and so on. Good stick to the customer.

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