Analysis of four common misunderstanding of Shanghai Dragon two

error two, love Shanghai weights can query through the webmaster tools.

A lot of people we provide to

the previous chapter, the specific address is: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20121020/466625.shtml, now and then we introduce the other four intermittent errors.

is a misunderstanding, do the bidding will improve the keywords ranking.

a lot of people say Shanghai is a reality, Shanghai auction customers found sex natural ranking is relatively good, but once the website stopped having sex Shanghai auction, there is no web site keywords ranking. This is completely groundless statement. Love Shanghai love Shanghai bidding and natural ranking are two different systems, if you love Shanghai in order to attract customers and make the bidding ranking for customers or customers in Shanghai, is obviously unfair, we can think of love, if Shanghai will do the bidding ranking customers and raise these sites it is not in line with the user experience, so love Shanghai will loss his customers, because the user for a search engine is just a finger. I love Shanghai not stupid enough to control natural ranking. Of course, the love of Shanghai will be more committed to the user experience of the site will conform to give good rankings, more committed to maintaining the natural ranking of fairness and impartiality, so as to retain their customers. So love Shanghai bid, there is no theoretical basis to improve the keywords ranking this sentence, if the auction can really bring influence, can only say that will bring some weight to click on our website, how the site may have a role in upgrading.

I introduce the Four Misunderstandings in Shanghai Longfeng common for

webmaster tools of the so-called love Shanghai weighted query to judge the weight of a web site, this is not very accurate. The webmaster tools provided in the Shanghai love weight just according to the site is expected to flow to calculate, a website is expected to flow to the higher, the higher the weight of it. So this is not to judge the quality of a website based on. If you still don’t believe, then we illustrate. For example, the word "water" as an example, this word is a non-commercial keywords, so its competitiveness is very small, and the "water" love Shanghai index is 1800, so if we are to "water" as the keywords to do a site, then we can obtain the phase when the flow is considerable, and this flow is very easy to get, because it is almost no competition too much. It has 1800 daily traffic, the weight of Webmaster Tools given naturally high, so we think its weight is really high? Then I am engaged in the advertising industry led car, LED car advertising is a business of words, while falling in love with the sea index keywords LED advertising vehicle was only 133. But there are many businesses to compete LED advertising vehicle this keyword, so even if I do it first, obtained from the keyword LED advertising vehicle flow up to 133, the webmaster tools give weight is very low.

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