How to receive non speaking customers

each customer’s personality is different, the sales staff if you want to get a good sales performance, naturally need to be treated differently. Only the right remedy, to allow the store to do business better. So, how to receive customers do not speak? Let me see small series of.

non – speaking customers are one of the most difficult types of salespeople to deal with. For this type of customer, sales people need to understand why customers don’t talk. The main reasons are as follows:

‘s own personality incommunicative; as customers received some experiences and lessons, so follow the "as long as the silent, fool also looks like a wise man" principle; if an opening will buy the product, so pretend not to love to talk; without conversation, not knowing what to say, so keep silent, is not love to talk because hate to talk to each other.

salespeople have to realize that not talking doesn’t mean they don’t say anything. Experienced sales staff will take the initiative to ask such customers, to guide them to speak, I believe that as long as there is an appropriate opportunity to speak, they will open their hearts to speak.

sales staff should ask more about the things around them and want to talk about the topic, so often in a very short period of time to find the customer favorite topic, so that the other side speak. When customers express their views, in addition to listen to the sales staff, also can agree with their views, and according to customer concerns to ask their opinion, so in order to solve the customer’s knot, eliminate doubts when customers purchase.

has such a typical case:

in front of a jewelry store, a young woman dressed in elegant looks at jewelry. Sales staff enthusiastically asked: "Miss, what style do you want?"

"just look at it." The lady answered coldly, but her eyes were still out of the counter.

at this time, if the sales staff can not find a good topic, in order to reach the customer to open, and then achieve the purpose of good communication, may lose a chance to clinch a deal.

is good at observing sales staff found lady dress unique, then said: "you this dress is really unique!"

"is that right?" The lady put her eyes on the sales staff.

"this color is very rare, is in the department store in the square to buy it?" The sales staff started his conversation.

the lady follows this


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