Love of Shanghai Site and new changes


is not ugly out both in their statistical tools, the SITE command is a problem, many webmaster very depressed, the first is the love of Shanghai statistics is not perfect, and also Google statistics than it has a lot to add, such as Google included page which can be seen in their station meter, and love Shanghai statistics cannot be seen, such as Google snapshot and statistics can see a spider climb take information in Shanghai love to the result is very vague, and in addition to Google webmaster tools and Google statistics, so if you want to love Shanghai will both be made one, that how much love in Shanghai statistics in


summary: this love Shanghai update in general, or in the aspects of decision, then the statistics will love Shanghai more perfect, which will have new features added? I love Shanghai don’t make an invitation code, perhaps will be the webmaster is very depressed, I hope to love Shanghai more to do better, but there are still many webmaster to love Shanghai please advice is to do the search to the primary condition, then later than that, the future of Shanghai love let us wait, Chengdu Shanghai dragon and grow up with you.

from above, the love of Shanghai to do some more conducive to the owners of the adjustment, but deeper analysis is not difficult to find love in the promotion of Shanghai love Shanghai’s own statistics. In fact, it is just as well, just like Shanghai collected statistics function is updated very slowly, but also did not give relevant update events, only a few months to update the first time, the second such display, perhaps will continue to improve this product.

but you will not feel familiar? Now look at the Google site Taiyuan Shanghai dragon how the pages are:


finally, the ownership of Copyright: Taiyuan 贵族宝贝ty Shanghai: Shanghai dragon dragon.Org/, welcome to reprint, but please reprint the reserved link, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

this morning, the habit of love in Shanghai site Taiyuan Shanghai Longfeng domain, suddenly discovered that love Shanghai updated the reality way in the past, as shown below:

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