Chinaz webmaster tools give users a new experience upgrade


fourth: the response time that the speed of opening of the website, the user experience is one of the important! The shorter time to open faster,


end of the


first, in.



after the upgrade

fifth: registration number and the nature of the electronic commerce website to provide a good effect, so that some customers want to buy something to see is one of formal enterprises, if the person’s need to be cautious, so we check every website very clear know website there is no record of

second: love Shanghai weight is only a reference value, that the greater the number of this site is higher! The more the number of keywords this value is also bigger! (note for reference only)

this is a keyword the author to add their own experience


to add query results at a glance This is the !

keyword query ranking add keywords

Chinaz tool is updated after the user experience, see the updates from several aspects of


: first ALEXA rankings, let users know their site ranking in the global website ranking, average IP, average daily PV to provide readers with a value of information to this website, the large flow of the site must be recognized by everyone! This website value is


with the development of the Internet, a lot of improvement of the platform, as a webmaster Shanghai Longfeng enthusiast, I represent all the webmaster friends here to thank the Chinaz webmaster tools, put the user experience first, a key query keywords ranking and flow in various aspects for Chinaz to give up Google attention to love Shanghai, which undoubtedly bring a better experience to the webmaster. In fact, this is the author today to query the site found, found Chinaz upgrade, also be accounted for floors. Many Webmaster Tools section of the function display, allowing users to easily find the own website itself, save a lot of time and energy, yesterday afternoon to upgrade, and I will upgrade the function to introduce. Then the two ChinaZ Webmaster Tools update to summarize, let us have more confidence to do their own site. Take more time to do user experience

third: the chain number shows the anchor text and the chain website, since YAHOO outside the chain of tools lost, only to find a new platform to detect the webmaster tools given reference, to better grasp the data link information, allowing users to understand their anchor text keywords and distribution. For the future construction of station and external links. Provide better help

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