See Wu Zhixiang entrepreneurial era wonderful silhouette

stand for private enterprises to pay heel efforts in the venture market is not an ordinary person can imagine, but with the way CEO Wu Zhixiang with his amazing perseverance, in the business market to open up the exclusive world of wealth.

the past two years, the same way not only won the "two-way war shocked the industry, Ctrip tourism obtained $220 million strategic investment, is by virtue of" one yuan tickets "fame, the product line in the hotel, air tickets, travel etc full flowering. 2014 with the way travel performance to achieve two times the growth rate, the survival of the ticket business is still ranked first in the industry, holding the phone QQ, WeChat dual flow entrance, and the end of the 200 million mobile users.


The battle of

2013 in March, Liang Jianzhang returned to the helm, Ctrip, soon announced that it will invest $500 million (about 3 billion 300 million yuan) of the price war started There was no parallel in history. industry second, eLong has become the primary target of the attack, the leisure travel market, so that the same way would be spared.

face "armed to the teeth is recommended


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