Ningbo to create a record of the highest number of entrepreneurs can get 2 million grants

is now in the whole process of social entrepreneurship, a good social policy, for the majority of entrepreneurs is a social support, is very good at the same time, in Zhejiang of Ningbo in order to promote public entrepreneurship, but also gives some start-up grants.

8 6, a reporter from the Ningbo Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Ningbo municipal government through the "on the development of public record space to promote the implementation of public opinion innovation (Trial)", put forward to build Ningbo into the more influential "entrepreneurial city".

"opinions" clearly support the public record and record passenger space service center as a passenger, entrepreneurial team to provide broadband Internet access, including consumables expenditure, project management and other cheap discount services, for screening settled hit off the project will be scientific and technological innovation voucher reference given no more than 50 thousand yuan subsidies for innovation and entrepreneurship.

in funding policy. "Opinions" put forward, for the Ningbo municipal public record record passenger space and the purchase of public service center, software development tools, equipment and the necessary facilities renovation and maintenance of facilities and other actual investment in the early stage, were given no more than 2 million yuan and 200 thousand yuan subsidy.


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