High school graduates shoot micro film venture was ten million investment

to the middle school graduation, the busy fill volunteer for school, the high school graduates are busy business micro film shoot, perhaps the first in the eyes of the public it is not reliable, he felt a lack of experience, but he was really a success.

12, senior middle school graduates Deng Binzheng for the network comedy "men and women" have embarrassed the busy, the network drama investment by a company in Hongkong, Beijing and Guangdong millions of dollars, the two companies jointly produced Deng Bin, the company responsible for the production, main attractions in Nancheng and Wan Jiang.

It is reported that

10 million investment initiative to come

Deng Bin micro film on the road from the "small press" start. "Deng Bin is a freshman in high school, the school radio station, and a small group of reporters in the media, each school held a small reporter training, he listened carefully and make notes," the school radio station in the teacher said, "a chance to interview him, micro film Master Huang Siming, once hooked on photography."

high moment, Deng Bin and Huang Siming, shoot the two micro film "cool", "black and white" divide and conquer. "Cool" is very simple, only took 15 days to complete the shooting, talking about the hazy love of students. "Black and white" divide and conquer is the gangster film of the shooting, there are genuine goods at a fair price, chase situation, budget of about 50 thousand yuan, we drew three companies sponsor on the network, and ultimately more than 9 million hits, and appeared on the official website of CCTV movie channel." Deng Bin said.

took the first pot of gold, three Deng Bin made a surprising decision: it is recommended


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