Nanny was given the old man said the real estate will be forged

old man died, nanny was awarded the elderly property. But questioned by the elderly and children, said the nanny forged wills. Arguments between the two sides, and had to resort to the law to determine the ownership of the house.

Department nanny saidThe only

"Ms. Yang and song uncle does not exist gender relations, and has always been in the match, 1995 to Ms. Yang Song Jiashi, song uncle has been 71 years old, and the body is very weak, the plaintiff argued that the defendant two people signed on 2008 will be voluntary. The defendant song also mentioned that as early as December 1998, that is, two months after the purchase of housing disputes, the elderly will leave a will.

will, the old man promised the property left her daughter and son-in-law and grandson, "this is the true meaning of the expression of the old man, because the real estate is our home out of money, in addition, in January 1995 our mother died, my mother’s legacy did not split." The plaintiff retorted that the money is to go to the Bank of the song uncle to take the money in cash, "recommended


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