How to use the space of a single shop

is the reason for the high cost of doing business, often because rent is a big part of. For this reason, many shops are very limited area. In short, the downtown business district in the city or town, the rent price is calculated. In order to reduce operating costs, many retail stores are small, only one store. Reasonable layout of the store, make full use of limited space is very important.


in their daily visits to retail customers, dedicated to the two types of grocery stores and tobacco shops retail outlets were investigated, we introduce several methods of improving the utilization rate of the single shop space, for the majority of retail customers friend reference.

food store

1. busy business, the need to display more goods store

this kind of shop business is better, the sales of goods within the unit time is more, so the need to display a variety of commodities, the number is larger. The author believes that this kind of store owner can consider multi-point display, shelves, freezers and other use, improve space utilization.

specifically, the following methods can be used:

close to the location of the three wall, placed a certain height shelves. In the middle of the store, according to the actual size of the space to display a certain number of shelves. The utility model can be used to improve the utilization ratio of the space through the reasonable arrangement and combination of the shelves (such as parallel or vertical between the shelves). The distance between the shelves do not have too much, just for customers to browse, select goods to stay good aisle.

if the height of the shelf is not enough, the owner can use wood or other materials, in the original shelves on the basis of the need to build the number of layers to increase the display space. This method is mainly applicable to the wall position of the shelf, because the wall can rely on the walls of the wall, set up wood and other materials when there is focus. The owner can also set up the wood and other materials can be made, according to the type of goods, the number of different, with the height of the goods to be adjusted to ensure that some of the "big" commodity can be placed in place.

need to be aware that, for safety reasons, can not be placed on the shelves of heavy goods. Due to the erection of the shelf height is generally beyond the scope of most customers hand can touch, this part of the shelf is mainly used to display some of the light weight, the packaging of goods, such as some large packaging puffed food, the main role is to display and storage of goods, customers can get the same from the shelf commodity.

for a better business shop, I suggest that the store will be placed in front of the shop counters cigarette counters. This position is very conspicuous, can play a better propaganda effect. Shop owner can according to


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