How to make their own jewelry store to attract more customers

entrepreneurial franchisees choose accessories industry, need to pay attention to some problems, how to attract consumers to shop consumption, how to do their own products a good display in front of consumers, how to put their own jewelry to sell successfully to.

in the limited ten meters of the store, how to make their respective product series are displayed in front of customers, how to make their own jewelry stores to attract more customer attention? In fact, jewelry stores and pick the goods distribution, is an extensive knowledge, which is directly related to your jewelry stores turnover.

The first is

the correct selection of main products, the main products are medium competitive price, can shape the personality and differences of the main commodities store group, can store about the charm. Shopping malls in the purchase of the full range, quality standards, content and other aspects of freshness, compared with the advantages of competitive stores. The main products should be placed in the front part of the main channel, at the same time have to be linked to the continuity of the goods to be configured.

finally join the correct selection of jewelry product image, product image is high price, special impression and style in order to shape the store, increase the display effect, such as some cutting-edge popular products or rare goods, to establish a special atmosphere, shaping shop lattice, promote pin effect.


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