How do the two sales shop layout work

two is not an ordinary day, is the time of our country’s public crazy consumption, if the store can do a good job at this time of sales, often in the year before the end of a big profit. But in doing two sales work, shop layout is the first factor related to eye to attract customers. Especially in the new year and Spring Festival two when the shop layout is beautiful and happy, don’t stick to one pattern, is one of the important factors of our sales. How do the shop layout? I think we can take the following ways.

first, outside the store layout to let the shop card beautiful dazzling. The name of the layout is very skilled, well furnished not only allow consumers to see our first store card, and can quickly remember our name. Therefore, each of the two approaches, I will paint a new store brand or to make replacement, in the paint color choice, as far as possible to choose a relatively bright colors, so during the day in the sun more bright and conspicuous, night glare can also send lustre. In addition, in store brand font, pay attention to choose to let every customer can read the font, especially with traditional Chinese characters, so customers do not read or do not recognize the "exclusive" psychological shop.

second, the layout of the store to allow commodity display generous. Store goods display layout is also very important, well arranged to give customers a sense of fresh and orderly, will enhance the customer’s desire to buy, the layout will not give customers a messy feeling, give up the desire to buy. To this end, I am very concerned about the form and display of goods.

either put in a dynamic shape; or put on imaginative creativity; or put on a pleasing picture. So that each commodity is smart up, customers see the goods, always want to look at one another, and some because of curiosity and beautiful to buy more. In particular, the children see the dynamic display of goods, more like our goods, adults will follow the wishes of the child to buy.

third, the store outside the store to create a festive atmosphere. Auspicious festival is the new year’s day, the Spring Festival two themes. Therefore, every Spring Festival, I love the festivity for consumer psychology, some hanging red lanterns or some festive colors of the picture in the store, store, consumers into the store will be able to feel the thick atmosphere of the festival, feel natural and comfortable and pleasant, shopping desire also increases.

now, although there are a lot of the importance of the shop layout work, also want to do a good job, but I do not have the relevant experience, do not know how to carry out such work. So, there are a few points above the small paper, if you also want to do the work, you know how to carry out?


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