These four kinds of shops are suitable for opening near campus

we know, near the school is a feng shui treasure, where the population is dense, the crowd is also more distinctive features, it is very suitable for business start-up. Some of the shops around the school, although it looks unremarkable, but the profits are impressive. So, in the vicinity of the school to do what business to make money? The following four kinds of shops suitable for opening near the campus.

A, opening a bookstore to make money


two, the snack shop to make money


three, repair shop to make money



print shop investment is relatively high, but also a cultural basis and certain skills. Many secondary schools do not have the printing conditions, but the papers every year, even every month, every week, and thus can strive for cooperation with these schools, and then consider the student’s copy business. Now college graduates should carefully prepared before the introduction of the book, have to turn to the printing press. Even in peacetime, the University papers, essays, novels and so on to print the article, the business will not be bad.



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