Layman to join the pharmacy success rate is not 100 percent must be treated with caution


pharmacies are everywhere, many entrepreneurs feel that have earned, regardless of the relevant knowledge and management experience that they have no medicine blindly to drugs, to start a business to join, the result is dismal.

join to pay franchise pharmacies despite the initial fee, but in Fang Xujun’s view, this is a shortcut to open private pharmacies". He told reporters, in addition to open private pharmacies, pre investment costs, have other expenses, such as pharmacies brand publicity, "private pharmacies always give a person can not be trusted to choose those who have made the impression that the brand is equal to the pharmacy to join, eliminating the publicity expenses.

in the marketing operation, the company has specialized operating counselors, they can according to the pharmacy manager’s expectations, goals, monthly pharmacy analysis statements of operations, and guide the implementation of community pharmacy marketing activities and the setting of pharmacy personnel regulations. In addition, the company joint procurement and logistics distribution, can effectively reduce the purchase cost, maintain pharmacy gross margin, and can directly use the document transmission computer system, eliminates a lot of trouble on the purchase operation.

"layman" carefully into the

The first

"franchise pharmacies, is the franchisee must understand this industry, it is difficult to operate." Fang Xujun believes that pharmacies join the threshold is not high, a pharmacy, including joining fees and renovation costs, the initial investment of about 300 thousand yuan, but the operator is very recommended


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