Three died in Silicon Valley rookie these startups wrong

since the Internet into China, Silicon Valley began to shape the minds of the people of science and technology innovation, the Holy land".


was born here Intel, Google, apple, CISCO, Oracle and other market value of billions of dollars in the level of the technology giant, also created Jobs, Bill Gates, Allison, musk and other business leaders. Until today, the whole world is trying to replicate Silicon Valley, the domestic first-class science and technology enterprises have also settled in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is not a myth, it can even be said to be a miracle every day, in the success of the sample provided by the scientific and technological achievements to business success is so efficient and interesting. Also, here is not the lack of attention to the loser, but only Netscape, TLC caused a scanty. For entrepreneurs in the country, even if there is a respectable place where it is difficult to replicate, those who have failed to step on the pit but more valuable. I take three Silicon Valley zaoyao the company as an example, a chat in which they are wrong.

1, a pioneer in semiconductor lasers Novalux

, eToys, Pets and Webvan is different, Novalux was born in 1998, lived the technology bubble at the beginning of the twenty-first Century, and remained until 2008 declared bankruptcy. The founder of Novalux and · Moore Randy is a laser scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which was destined to Novalux business is around the semiconductor laser, is also in line with the Silicon Valley business atmosphere, after all the Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel was born.

· in Aram; Moore Randy, semiconductor laser can be used for high-definition TV, optical data transmission and so on, this view has been confirmed by lVanguard and Crescendo of the two Vc firm recognized, followed by another round of investment bank of Boston, Crescendo, and Telesoft. With this money, the company formed a team of hundreds of R & D team, set up a manufacturing plant, the development and manufacture of laser related technology products. In 2006, MITSUBISHI announced a partnership with Novalux R & D laser projection TV, and the Novalux in the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show demonstrated on the pixel type rear projection TV using a laser light source, and that the aim of Beijing Olympic Games and the development of the war. However, investors abandoned Novalux in 2008 and sold it to Arasor, Australia, for $7 million. So far, Novalux has consumed $193 million in venture capital.

2, early social networking site MySpace

compared to the Novalux, a lot of people should be heard in the presence of MySpace, after all, when the media is Facebook flatter, MySpac>

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