Open underwear store you have to know the five business

fashion exquisite woman not only has a beautiful appearance, but also concerned about the inner beauty. Underwear, for female friends is very important, the quality of the underwear is not the same as the wearing experience is not the same. Driven by the huge consumer demand in this market, many people find that the market opportunities, investment in lingerie shop, how to open a lingerie shop, you need to master the underwear store business notes:

underwear shop opened a way: decoration of the road

business competition has entered a big commercial era, in the fierce competition in the atmosphere, the terminal store in order to attract the attention of consumers, promote sales, in every detail to make a difference. Especially in the store, in addition to the shop window design, form under the foot, it is new in order to be different in the terminal display, and to create a strong visual impact, as a commercial space sales environment, strong selling point of their own design foil atmosphere, with a unique personality to establish the image of business in order to strive for more consumers to patronize, and to get more profit. Therefore, the terminal display is also more and more attention by businesses, become an important part of the sales system.

door, window, shelves, display props, composed of all sales terminals. The hardware part of door and shelf belonging to the brand image, the software part and display to the brand image. Throughout each brand, in the hardware and software requirements to achieve a high degree of unity, in order to establish a brand image, create a strong sales force, in order to maximize the pursuit of market profits. But why failed to achieve results, the main display is not perfect.

display is a commodity as the theme, using different commodity varieties, styles, colors, fabrics, and other characteristics, displayed through the integrated use of artistic features and prominent selling point products to attract the attention of customers, improve and strengthen customer understanding, further to the commodity memory and trust degree, to the maximum extent caused by purchase desire. This is the location of the text display, but also to display the display to consumers. As an important part of the marketing system, how to display good commodities, the following points should be.

open underwear store road two: hanging display

hanging: the general is to hang clothes hanger on the underwear, so as to fully display the characteristics of the goods, easy to form a color block visual impact and rendering atmosphere, so that consumers can understand the eyes of the commodity. Mount the display should note the following:

whether or not according to the color of the product line or display. The same type of goods using the same kind of hanger. Hanging number sequence is: from front to back, from small to large code; from left to right, from small to large code. The color of the hanging columns should be displayed from outside to inside, from before to after, from shallow to deep, from bright to dark. Column column


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