Poor men under the age of 30 in the county to buy a car from scratch

There is a saying in the rural areas of

: 40 men do not send, not rich 30. It is often the most difficult thing for a man who lives in a poor country to marry his wife, because they don’t have a house of their own. In the current fierce competition, reality, cruel society, the premise of marriage is defined as a room with a car. So a lot of men suffering from pain, work to earn less money, venture and no money, it is their own happiness to pass? National poverty county Wang Fenghua, by virtue of their bold ideas, has become a rich country in the two generation, rewrite the history, and the following Xiaobian together to share what is the secret of success of Wang Fenghua.

in Wenzhou city once the national poverty counties of Taishun, farming is difficult to solve the food and clothing, Wang Fenghua primary school, 61 students in 56 junior high school dropout to leave; 63 go to 58. He is one of the 5 who can read high school, and the remaining partners have chosen barbaric growth, primary school, junior high school graduation did not run out of blankets, carpentry. Wang Fenghua is the house had been burned, the parents divorced the first poor households, many times by everyone relief. He is going to continue to read the school, but at their own expense can not afford, the county Party Secretary of the Wenzhou city friends, Ouhai glasses Co. company (hereinafter referred to as "Ouhai glasses") founder Chen Guoguang began to finance his school, very deep feelings and will match.


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