The old mobile phone ten brands list the whole

mobile phone has now become a very important tool for people to communicate, however, even if the rapid development of the intelligent machine industry, but for the elderly, it is still not easy to use. In fact, pick a mobile phone to send parents, old mobile phone needs is simple and easy to operate, intelligent machine is not suitable for the elderly, then buy what brand of mobile phone, here we bring the old mobile phone ten brands list, friends may wish to pick a favorite mobile phone from the mobile phone list 10 in the bar.

old mobile phone brands ten NO1- Capitel S718

this is the first specifically for the elderly to create a mobile phone for the elderly, is known as the originator of the old mobile phone, CCTV has also been reported, is said to be a typical Chinese design innovation, the machines listed monthly sales of over 10000, but also exported to Europe and the United States the operators in Europe and the United States is the mainstream of old mobile phone. So here to give you a detailed, detailed and detailed introduction.

S718 is Capitel Ya an three year study of the elderly after professional team Granville, the old university, thorough nursing homes, parks and other old people gathering places, through the behavior observation and interviews, the elderly on physiology, psychology and behavior, analysis of demand for mobile phone for the elderly, propose solutions in all aspects eyesight, hearing, physical function, the final design of the old mobile phone.


to allow the elderly to pick up the calculator form of memory, nostalgia, Lenovo to life and peace, I hope to convey the design is: This is a life partner and communication is not a cold. Won a number of top international industrial design awards, is born; the orange screen lights, soft touch button lights, red button folds, specially designed fonts, every design is a concrete manifestation of humanistic care, of the designer’s emotion.

flashlight, FM radio, simplified operation menu, voice function and far below the international standard radiation value (only about 0.3w/kg), really reflects its ease of use and health. Capitel S718 is a genuine consideration for the elderly, because of the needs and design, rather than because the phone and mobile phone.

old mobile phone brands ten NO2- Gauss GS88


mobile phone with straight classic design, compact shape founder, simple and fashion; but also the wide use of keyboard design, feel very good, 8 shortcuts covering a variety of needs, the operation is very simple, with the elderly habits; the machine uses 2 inches TFT touch screen design, display clear; and also built a 300 thousand pixel camera, more convenient to take pictures, let the parents at any time to record around happy.


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