What is the low cost way to make money

actually run a small jewelry shop is the lowest cost, why, look at the following example analysis believe you can understand.

two, Xiao Lin doll only half a year, she began to cut their jeans, really want to do something on the Internet to find a turn, found a manual forum. So I was fascinated by the handmade dolls on the forum. At first, just like, she likes to communicate with others on the network to make the experience, and did not think of it as a way to make money. Until her doll has been more and more users love, everyone told her that you do so well, you can open a shop.

looked at the closet full of dolls, Deng Zhi also hope that they can find their new owners. Because she has her own work, she chose to do business on the internet. She felt that there is no threshold to open the shop, do not rent a license to do so there is no risk window. The shop in the first month, the business is good, a customer once booked five dolls, Deng squeak excited sleepless night. Because it is pure hand-made, but also works particularly fine, so the price is not cheap dolls. Price 150, even >


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